Crowdfunding and Theatre

We have already presented several examples, that crowdfunding is a perfect way how to get financing for your original or innovative ideas. In fact, when it comes to a support for non-commercial activities such as theatres, it is in many cases the only possibility. Today, we will present you one of such examples, a project, that used crowdfunding to build a new public, non-profit theatre space.




A few years ago, a group of artists came up with an idea how to transform old brownfield in the middle of Prague into a new communication – innovative and creative space that would serve as a space for new experimental theatres.

The city of Prague agreed to give the permission to use some of the old buildings in formal slaughter house and the team started to get financing for the first investments that were necessary to turn the space into something that would allow at least some preview operation. Because of the history of the buildings the authors decided to call the centre Slaughterhouse78 (Jatka78). And so, the project Slaughterhouse 78 started.

The trial period lasted for one year and proved that such innovative and new art space is sustainable and welcome among Prague inhabitants and visitors. To allow more effective and sustainable operation however, the space needed some more investments to modernise the space, create some background space for administration and for the artists and prepare some technical equipment that was necessary for the performances.

The vision was to create new modern building, that would contain multifunctional theatre, music club and a bar in the centre of a gallery, together with a training hall, gym hall, fitness room and residential quarters for guest companies – all under one roof. The team did not want to be dependent on grants and subsidies, so they decided to use crowdfunding.

For the campaign they used Czech crowdfunding server The original goal of the campaign was to get 78,125 EUR. The goal set has been overcome during the campaign, and the authors have managed to collect more than 94,000 EUR (121 %) from over 1,622 contributors.

You can find more information about the whole area at the website

During the crowdfunding campaign the authors reached the following goals:

Original goal was: 78,125 EUR
Final amount: 94,000 EUR from 1,622 contributors (121 %)



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