Crowdfunding and Sport

Sport, one of few areas that we have not presented yet. It is well known that in many sports it is not that hard to get financing from public sources, or from private sponsors. In many cases, the amount of money is due to the popularity of sports even much higher than what you can get in other areas. But that does not count when you are a small club, or a non-profit organisation helping disabled people to get a chance to sport. In this case, crowdfunding offers one of the best opportunities how to get financing.

Trainers for Hospitals and Institutions with The Road to Dream

When someone gets disabled, its very hard for him to find the will to live again, to enjoy life and try to overcome what has happened. One of few ways that help to such people is sports activities that allow them to integrate easier back to the community and normal life.

To be able to do that, however, special equipment is necessary so that the disabled can learn to sport even with their disadvantage. Unfortunately, healing and rehabilitation facilities in the Czech Republic are not equipped with the necessary trainers.

A few years ago, a group of disabled people decided that based on their own experience, they will change the situation, and they developed a trainer for disabled people that should allow them to train how to use hand-bike – a special type of bike, that is completely managed by hands.




They managed to develop the trainer by themselves. Another challenge was to get enough financing so that they would be able to produce handbikes for at least the main healing and rehabilitation facilities in the Czech Republic.

And that was the time, where crowdfunding came into place. The team decided to use crowdfunding campaign at the Czech crowdfunding server

The original goal of the campaign was to get 15,543 EUR. The goal set has been overcome during the campaign, and the authors have managed to collect more than 25,308 EUR (162 %) from over 652 contributors, which made the campaign one of the most successful campaigns focused on sport in the Czech Republic.




You can find more information about the whole project including some videos at the website

During the crowdfunding campaign the authors reached the following goals:

Original goal was: 15,543 EUR
Final amount: 25,308 EUR from 652 contributors (162 %)

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