Crowd Dialog Europe 2018: These Future Trends Will Keep Us Busy

On October 18th 2018 Vienna became Europe’s Innovation-Hotspot. In partnership with the EU Commission and the Parliament of Austria, the City of Vienna invited European Business Transformation Experts from 32 different Nations to talk about the most important future trends we should know about.

Alternative Finance, Blockchain, Open Innovation & Co.: Trends We Should Know More About

The most exciting fact about the innovative Crowd Dialog: Experts from different countries, cultures and businesses get together and work on important future topics. That way many different aspects and perspectives can be revealed. This year the congress offered a diverese program. Besides international keynote speeches, the interactive workshops introduced the visitors to important future topics like Open Innovation, Initial Coin Offerings, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals.

Blockchain technology for example, opens up new tools of alternative financing, digital business models, and gives us the opportunity to raise the innovation-power of SMEs. This is why the European Commission will invest massively in blockchain technology in the following years.

After all these exciting insights, we are looking forward to the next European Crowd Dialog in 2019, that will take place in a different Euopean Country. Find out more about the event on and don’t forget to take a look at the highlights of the Crowd Dialog 2018 in the video below!

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