Croatia: Brlog – a cooperative brewery from the Croatian coast

Crowdfunding is a modern financing tool that helps SMEs to grow their businesses. As part of our Interreg-project Crowd-Fund-Port, we identified best practices from small and medium sized enterprises from all partnering countries and listed it in our Crowdfunding-project-mapping. Some of those campaigns will also be presented here in our blog.

Brlog – a cooperative brewery from the Croatian coast

Brlog is a cooperative brewery in Croatia, which used Crowdfunding to finance brewery equipment on Indiegogo: Brlog – a cooperative brewery from the Croatian coast. It is run by women in a traditionally male profession and in a region, where making beer is not very common. Since it is the first women-run cooperative craft brewery in Croatia, it gained significant media coverage on a local and national level. As a result, the campaign surpassed its target of $ 8.000 by almost 50 percent to reach $ 11.856. It is also one of very few cases where the campaign was entirely run by women.

Brlog. A cooperative brewery on the Croatian coast on Indiegogo:

Brlog. A cooperative brewery on the Croatian coast on Indiegogo:

How Brlog reached its goal

The main goal of Brlog was to finance brewery equipment: two fermenters for beer production, cases, bottles and labels. But in the end, they used most of the money for launching the brewery. Before the campaign, the cooperative was a startup, after the campaign they formally opened a cooperative. To reach their potential supporters, they attended all kinds of events (craft beer festivals, start-up conventions, social entrepreneurship conventions). Also the founders had networks in several fields – Crowdfunders, female entrepreneurs and feminists, craft beer lovers, good economy and coop followers.

The Internet played a huge part in the campaign. Brlog communicated everything also on Facebook and the team focussed their media strategy on Social Media. The wording and the language were casual. Posts and pictures from their mobile phones were used during the campaign.

The visual identity of the brand was developed weeks before the Crowdfunding campaign and they already used the logo and this branding during their campaign. For instance, they had one infographic on their project page, in which they showed their financial status and what happens with the money. This graphic made it quite easy to understand how the budget is being distributed later.

In the end, everything payed off: customers reached out to them before they even had a product, because the campaign was online before official production started. So once they began to sell the beer, they just needed to contact all these people and send them their orders. Because of the campaign went so well, they even had to refuse some of them in the beginning.

As an effect of the campaign, the two founders did not only collect money for their venture, but were also invited to use free office space with their team. All together this makes Brlog – a cooperative brewery from the Croatian coast a very interesting campaign and deserves to be presented as a best practice example for Crowdfunding in Croatia.

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