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What do you expect from a Crowd-funding-hub in your region? The Crowd-Fund-Port launched a new challenge to find creative answers for that question. In cooperation with the ideaplatform “Neurovation” we want to find out, what features are necessary to create the perfect place for you. A place to get creative and share good ideas- which is one of the things we are most passionate about!

Your invitation to the Hub-challenge

We would like to invite everybody that is interested in crowdfunding to share their ideas.  Any idea is a precious input- so don’t be afraid of thinking a little crazy. We want to make the start as easy as possible for you. If you don’t have an idea that comes to your mind right away, ask yourself:

What should a place in your city look like, that is all about crowdfunding? What ideas could be discussed in which way- and what kind of people would you like to meet there? What kind of Crowd-funding-hubs are you already familiar with?

For more inspiration just take a look at the challenge!

How to be part of the challenge

This link will bring you directly to the Crowd-fund-hub challenge. If you want to be a part of the challenge, your first step is to register. As mentioned at the beginning, this challenge is supported by the ideaplattform “Neurovation”. Before you share your idea, take a few seconds to become a part of this creative community by clicking on “register” in the right corner. After this share your idea by clicking on “submit your idea”. We are looking forward to your creative input!


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