Community garden

Getting a nice and comfortable living is no longer a problem today. New flats and houses are growing fast in most cities and anyone who wants a new home has many options to choose from. The situation is however different when it comes to the possibility to have your own garden, where you can grow your own vegetables or flowers.

One of the trendy solutions that is commonly used in many large cities around the world are community gardens, that are based on the idea, that a group of people shares the same land to grow together their own vegetable, or flowers.

The possibility to establish a new community garden is mostly limited due to high price of land in the large cities and their surroundings. And the experience shows that crowdfunding is one of the possible solutions.

One of the examples of such a successful project is the project “Our garden – fence and water for a new community garden”. The project started as an idea of several people who decided to set up their own garden near the regional capital of South Bohemia – České Budějovice. They managed to get the land, but for the creation of the garden, it was necessary to fence the land, adjust it and get a source of water.


The project was successfully implemented, a fence and a small pond were built on the plot, serving as a water supply for watering, but also as a natural source of water for flowers, insects and dormant animals that live in the garden. The community garden has been operating for three years now. There are 17 small gardens on it, which serves as a garden for a group of 30 people.


To get the funding for the project, the authors used a crowdfunding campaign at the Czech portal

The original goal of the campaign was to get 10,000 EUR. The goal set has been overcome during the campaign, and the authors have managed to collect 10,250 EUR (102 %) from over 178 contributors.