New Contest: Design your logo for the Crowd-Funding-Hub

Remember the Crowd-Funding-Hub-challenge? It was about creating a place that is all about Crowdfunding,  sharing ideas and getting creative together. Now it is time to take it one step further and create a logo, slogan and word brand for this place. To collect many inspiring ideas, we have started a new idea contest!

What to think about before you get started

First of all think about the category you want to choose. Do you want to create a logo, word brand or slogan? Or all three of them?

If you decide you create a word band and slogan, have in mind that there will be 9 Crowd-Funding-Hubs in 9 different countries, so your idea should be adaptable for those countries. If you want to create a logo, think about a black and white version, would it still suit your design?

You will find more information in the contest description, and even more important: There you will find more inspiration to get started!

How to join the contest

If you want to be a part of the contest, your first step is to register. This contest is supported by the ideaplattform “Neurovation”. Before you share your idea, take a few seconds to become a part of the creative Neurovation-community by clicking on “register” in the right corner. Then share your idea! Click on “submit your idea” and choose a category. We are looking forward to your design!




Austria: “Wimmer schneidert” combines traditional and modern fashion design

“Wimmer schneidert” is a traditional Family Business in its ninth generation. The company is located in Salzburg, Austria, and is an expert when it comes to clothes combining both, modern trends and austrian tradition. To create a store that suits this special high-quality clothes, they decided to start a crowdfunding campaing. The new store should be the perfect location to not only present the costumes, but also to create a special shopping experience and a comfortable atmosphere.

 The crowd is getting all dressed up

To convice people to invest in their project “Wimmer schneidert” offered interest and coupons for their shops. With this stategy they would not only get investments but also invite people to come to their shops and get their own bespoke costume with the coupons. On the spot they could promote the campaign and show people the high-quality fashion design. The offline and online promotion via newsletters and social media competitions had a postitive impact on the campaign.

Heading to the maximum

Only one day after the campaign startet “Wimmer schneidert” reached the fundingminimum. And the crowd was unstoppable. Briefly before the campaign would finish, the project reached the fundingmaximum. 111 People invested 350.000 Euros and “Wimmer schneidert” could almost immediatly implement their plans.

The successful campaign was a great boost for the Family business, and it might not be the only campaign for the traditional modern fashion design company.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

Read more about the previous campaign on 1000×




CROWD-FUND-PORT supports second Slovenian campaign on the Kickstarter: ‘OliLight’

OliLight is a  valuable tool for people who like spending time outdoor in the nature and widliness. OliLight is a hiking light and  a safety tool for mountaineers, hikers, trekkers, rock climbers, cavers, bicycle riders, camping enthusiasts and casual free-spirited adventurers who love activity in nature. OliLight combines modern technology, functionality and aesthetics in a unique product. It’s primary a safety device.

Learn more and back the campaign on

Austria: Trumer beer crowdfunding campaign benefits from Chistmas season

The Trumer brewery in Salzburg launched its campaign on the platform 1000× a few weeks ago. With the fundingminimum of 70.000 Euros they want to expand their stock of “innovationtanks”. The innovative company uses these small beertanks to experiment and create new special sorts of beer. When Christmas season startet, Trumer had already reached half of their investment goal. At that time people had to invest at least 700 Euros to become part of the project. In return Investors get diferent goodies, like coupons and the so called “hopsbox”, a box with different sorts of beer. 

New package for holiday season

As mentioned, Christmas was not in everybody’s mind yet when the campaing started and the first investments came in.  When december came along, Trumer decided to give the campaign a new boost.  They created the “Entance-package”. With this package you could join the campaign as an invstor by investing only 250 Euros. In return you would also get the hopsbox for 2 years, 4 times every year. The box was promoted as the perfect Christmas present for beer lovers. 

A few more steps to the goal

The crowd was quite enthusiastic about the new package. Now they could not only join the campaign at a much lower price level, you could also use this opportunity to give someone a really special present. A present they don’t enjoy once, but 8 times over the following 2 years. Trumer has not planned this development and Christmas season was not really planned to be a great marketing boost- but it turned out as the perfect chance for investors and Trumer.

The campaign is now heading to the goal- and can be joined on 1000× 

Austria: Crowdfunding campaign “Rehara” stands for modern tourism

Ramsau am Dachstein, a small region in styria, is a tourist hotspot for people from all over the world who want to visit austria. With its beautiful mountains  it is not only a great destination in the winter for a skiing adventure. Ramsau is also a special place to visit in the summer, which makes it one of the leading tourism municipality in austria. Because of that, everything that makes a visit even more precious is extremely important for the region and its economic growth. To take care of this development, Ramsau chose to make the place even more attractive and modernize and expand the local public swimming pool. To make this change happen, they chose the modern way of financing.

Modern tourism concept meets modern way of financing

The project of modernizing the bath area has been something very important for many people living in Ramsau or a neighbour area for quite a while. It has been 20 years since the discussion started. Ramsau has been ready to create something modern and new for a long time, and finally the technical capabilities are also available. After all the new swimming pool should not only be a great experience, but also have an energy-efficient technology to take care of our environment. To make sure everyone who wants to support the region gets the chance to be involved in the project, they chose the modern way of fincancing and started a crowdfunding campaign.

How Ramsau reached the goal and went beyond it

A place that was built 40 years ago is a place that created many memories. It is a place that is important to many people for different reasons. After all 230 people wanted to be part of the change and supported the project. Some of them are enthusiastic swimmers, others could not restist investing in a project that takes care of the regions environment. The project reached its goal of 100.1000 euros within weeks and even went beyond it! After funding 150.000 euros there are sitll 22 days to go and the crowd is getting closer to the fundingmaximum!

The project was launched on 1000× For more information please follow this link.

Create your Crowd-funding-hub

What do you expect from a Crowd-funding-hub in your region? The Crowd-Fund-Port launched a new challenge to find creative answers for that question. In cooperation with the ideaplatform “Neurovation” we want to find out, what features are necessary to create the perfect place for you. A place to get creative and share good ideas- which is one of the things we are most passionate about!

Your invitation to the Hub-challenge

We would like to invite everybody that is interested in crowdfunding to share their ideas.  Any idea is a precious input- so don’t be afraid of thinking a little crazy. We want to make the start as easy as possible for you. If you don’t have an idea that comes to your mind right away, ask yourself:

What should a place in your city look like, that is all about crowdfunding? What ideas could be discussed in which way- and what kind of people would you like to meet there? What kind of Crowd-funding-hubs are you already familiar with?

For more inspiration just take a look at the challenge!

How to be part of the challenge

This link will bring you directly to the Crowd-fund-hub challenge. If you want to be a part of the challenge, your first step is to register. As mentioned at the beginning, this challenge is supported by the ideaplattform “Neurovation”. Before you share your idea, take a few seconds to become a part of this creative community by clicking on “register” in the right corner. After this share your idea by clicking on “submit your idea”. We are looking forward to your creative input!


Greenstorm- Our innovative e-mobility rental concept ensures full hotel bookings and environment friendly fun for Austrian tourism

Crowdfunding is a modern financing tool that helps SMEs to grow their businesses. As part of our Interreg-project Crowd-Fund-Port, we want to support all small and medium sized enterprises from all partnering countries. This month we would like to introduce a really outgoing and “cheeky” campaign which is supporting Austrian hotels with its innovative business.

Greenstorm- Our innovative e-mobility rental concept ensures full hotel booking and environment friendly fun in Austrian tourism areas.

Hoteliers can exchange seasonal vacancies at the Tyrolean company Greenstorm Mobility for e-bikes, e-cars and e-filling stations.

The innovative rental concept sounds simple and is simple: the hotelier issues Greenstorm Mobility a voucher for the often seasonally vacant rooms. In his equivalent, he can choose from a portfolio of 3,000 e-bikes and e-cars such as the Tesla X. The hotel vouchers will be resold by Greenstorm Mobility on various platforms by 15 to 40 percent below the normal price. More information about greenstorm here on Facebook

Why is the idea so successful?

The hoteliers benefit twice from the deal: On the one hand, the discounted resale of hotel vouchers leads to a busy house even out of season. On the other hand, they can offer their hotel guests an attractive mobility service and thus set themselves apart from the competition – without any additional investment costs.

You should know good partners

Hotel guests can recharge the e-vehicles at the charging stations of Greenstorm Mobility and SMATRICS. These are displayed in the apps and on the websites of both partners. In addition, the companies set themselves the goal of promptly offering 800 charging stations between Munich and Verona or Vienna and Bregenz. “Our business model is based on creating a win-win situation. Now we have taken a further step and created a new advantage for our customers by working with SMATRICS, “says Greenstorm CEO Philipp Zimmermann.
Greenstorm is using Austrian’s Crowdinvesting platform CONDA to finance more e-bikes to reach out all hotels in Austria.

Impressions of the Crowd Dialog in Athen

The Crowd Dialog Europe took place in Athen this year, and was a great get-together of more than 450 delegates from 32 countries.

Everyone who was not able to join or wants to look back on the interesting event has the chance to watch all 22 main stage talks online. You will find all presentations and talks on the Crowd Dialog Youtube Channel. They will give you all the interesting information that was discussed, for instance the role of marketing and advertising when it comes to starting a successful crowdfunding campaign. Another topic is how crowdfunding actors can use their network to start a dialog with the stakeholders and allow the development of the modern way of funding. Take a look at all the information by visiting the Channel, and pick your favorite presentations to get the information you need for your successful work!

Slovak National Bank publishes about crowdfunding

Creative Industry Forum, a Crowd-Fund-Port project partner, has published an article about crowd funding in a quarterly magazine, Biatec No. 5/2017, issued by the Slovak National Bank. Below is a brief summary:

The formation of modern crowdfunding can be dated to the early years of this century, when crowdfunding arose primarily as a creative industry tool that allowed consumers to support artists and their art through online appeal. The supporters often received the result of artistic activity as a reward. Today, crowdfunding has many forms and enables individuals to collectively support the development and production of new products and services, science and research, startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as real estate products. Crowdfunding as an alternative financial instrument was found as a result of the development of financial technology (FinTech).

European Commission has recently published the results of its research of capital markets and has been following trends and crowdfunding with the goal to promote and create optimal environment for investors from the general public to use their own financial resources and invest them directly into both business and social projects. The European Commission is currently focusing on analyzing the conditions and needs of the environment as well as on identifying appropriate legal regulation for crowdfunding. The Central European Project CROWD-FUND-PORT, funded by Interreg Central Europe programme, in which Slovak Republic is involved, is also working to contribute to this goal. European Union has sought to remove barriers to cross-border investment, reduce financing costs and lay the foundation pillars for the capital markets by 2019. This should strengthen the economic and currency stability and help to absorb the downturns within the Eurozone. Crowdfunding has become an important and growing trend in capital markets and is one of the examples of financial innovations that can be expanded to deepen the capital markets and non-banking financing within the EU. From the Commission’s point of view, there are three crucial points to follow in order to develop alternative financing and to protect consumers:
1. What are the national regulations of crowdfunding, how do they support its development and what are the critical points of these regulations?
2. How can the Commission support the further development of FinTech alternative financing solutions, including crowdfunding?
3. What minimal level of transparency should the platforms meet and are the self-regulatory mechanisms sufficient?

The crowdfunding environment has been developing also in Slovakia for some time. At the beginning, only the donors/philanthropists and non-profit organizations had experience with crowd funding. At present, crowdfunding platforms are operating in each of the four core areas (donation, reward, lending, equity), and the development of digital technologies helped in creation of new tools that enhance the confidence among Slovak investors, entrepreneurs and the general public.

Crowdfunding in the European context is a crucial tool for SMEs as well. SMEs represent the majority of enterprises in nonfinancial sector and are the core engine of job creation and innovation in EU. However, it is the startups and SMEs who lack the financing for growth and development. Therefore, EU has seen crowdfunding as an opportunity to change this situation. Although European crowdfunding markets are among the largest crowdfunding markets worldwide, they are not evenly developed in the individual member states. Europe’s largest crowdfunding market is the United Kingdom (EUR 4.35 billion in 2015), followed by France (EUR 319 million in 2015), Germany (EUR 249 million in 2015) and the Netherlands (EUR 111 million in 2015). As you can see, states with a capital market tradition are among the leaders in the field of alternative financing, although several smaller states without a strong tradition of capital markets, such as Estonia, Finland and Lithuania have relevant volumes of alternative funding, especially in proportion to the population.

The article also talks about regulating of the individual forms of crowdfunding as opposed to regulating crowdfunding as a category. The Slovak National Bank recognizes the growing importance of crowdfunding and considers it important to keep the public informed about the benefits and risks of this activity as it is not under its supervision at this point. Crowdfunding is an activity that is not subject to the protection of bank deposits and investments.

For more information and a full article, visit: