Austria: “Young Region – Modern Regions Need Young Decisions”

When it comes to political decisions that influence a regions future, young people almost never get asked about their opinion, even though it will be the future they have to live in. That is why the austrian association “” decided to start an ideachallenge, that would finally give young people the chance to get involved when it comes to important decisions about a regions or citys future.

A Crowdsourcing For Austrias Youth

The ideachallenge should give creative people the chance to develop a concrete model, about how young people could become real policy makers. decided to start this challenge on the ideaplattform Following questions should be answered, to create a model that is acually realisable:

  • How should young people be asked about their opinion?
  • Should there be regular meetings? If yes, how often, and what exactly should happen there?
  • Could the decision be discussed online? How could an online-voting work?
  • What kind of models do you know that already work?

By answering those concrete questions people should get inspired to create a model that really gives young people a chance to make their opinion count. decided to initiate this crowdsourcing because they are sure young people can make good decisions and their ability to change this world for the better is highly underrrated. To change the fact that teengaers alomst never get to decide about their future, they reach out to the crowd, and want to collect all the oppotunities we have to get young people involved.

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CrowdfundingHub Newsletter: Alternative Finance Trends

We would like to share a new series on this site with you, that is all about Alternative Finance Trends. In this series we share Roland Kleverlaans CrowdfundingHub Newsletter with you, that gives you interesting information about new trends every week. Every week an expert will also be interviewed and share specific information from their country with you. This week we would like to introduce Karoline Perchthaler to you, Alternative Financing expert in Austria. In this interview you will find out why Crowdfunding is finally also a great way of financing for SMEs, and you will get to know inspiring Crowdfunding projects in austria.

This week you will also find following topics in the newsletter:

  • Altfinator – Facilitating access to Alternative Finance
  • Finance your Growth – Online guide in UK for SMEs to get financing
  • Best equtiy crowdfunding platforms in US
  • Funding Circle loans create 75,000 jobs globally 2017

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Austria: Vulkanland goes Crowdsourcing

When it comes to travelling, we all could visit the same place, and yet everyone would have a different view and opinion about it afterwards. We all focus on different things, and what is important to me might be irrelevant for someone else. That is why we want to introduce a very interesting project to you, that uses the fact that we all have a different focus on things.

The crowd knows what’s special about “Vulkanland”

Vulkanland is a styrian region and an amalgamation of 33 communities. Because of this multitude of commuinities the region offers many different qualities. To find out what kind of qualities are highly esteemed, the region started a crowdsourcing. With the crowd they want to find out what people already appreciate about the place, and what is missing. The big goal is to take the region to the next level and make it even more interesting for tourists and citizens.

How to connect with the crowd

To reach this goal it was important to choose the right way to get in contact with the crowd. Therefore they chose the ideaplattform “”, which is the perfect tool for crowdsourcing. People can share their ideas, describe them with pictures and comment on other ideas. After this phase people can also vote for the ideas that they like the most. This is how it is possible to find out which ideas are really popular.

So far 31 ideas have been shared by the crowd, and the crowdsourcing is still not finished. If you have ever heard about “Vulkanland” and want to share your idea, just visit the ideaplattform(german)!



Best Practice Campaign on Travels

“Dad, why are there so many ants in the forest?”
With an unique, educationally valuable and individual recreation offer of course developed by experts, the committed owners and operators of the family hotel ‘Hotel Christoph’ want to send their guests on exciting discovery tours through the Ellmau region and let small detectives explore nature with their parents.



The different activities are modular components that combine to create individual detective cases. The individual cases can be compiled in advance by the parents and booked on a special detective card, which the families receive on arrival at our hotel. The detective cards are equipped with a chip, on which points for solving tasks are credited at the different activity stations. If you have mastered all tasks and activities successfully, the detective case is solved. Incidentally, the name of the concept is our plush mascot, which has always welcomed guests in the entrance area of ​​our hotel.


Right after 20 days of having a crowdinvesting campaign, Hotel Christoph collected almost 100.000 Euro from the crowd. The project initiator are using a co-placement on two different platforms and because of their cooperation.



Kingdom Come – crowdfunded computer game

Last time we presented an example of project focused on renewable energy support and promotion. Today’s example is one of the most popular present PC role-playing games – Kingdom Come: Deliverance produced by Czech Warhorse studio.

Kingdom Come belongs to most expensive PC games, that were ever produced in Czech Republic. Even there were already successful games in the past, none of them was so different and original.

The authors of the game decided to create a purely historical game that will perfectly simulate life in Bohemia at the time of Wenceslas IV’s reign, including realistic historical battles. The game is based on a real historical fact and is situated to the region around Sázava monastery. The authors created not only the exact digital copy of the monastery, depicting the monastery exactly as it was at that time, but also an exact copy of the surrounding landscape, the valley of the Sazava River.


The game was created by already well-known game programmer Daniel Vávra. Daniel Vávra was more than 15 years ago one of the authors of perhaps the most successful game of Czech origin, the trilogy Mafia. Mafia became world famous action game and the producers sold over two million copies, to players that were attracted by a quality story reminiscent of the legendary Godfather, dubbing and sophisticated environment.

But this time, developers have chosen a very unconventional concept of the game, and instead of spells and different unnatural abilities, they have created a game in which the player can try out the simple life of an ordinary son of a blacksmith living during war between European rulers. Thanks to this concept, the game is very original but also hard.

It is for this reason that the developers have been struggling with the interest of publishers who did not trust the idea of ​​creating a purely historical game. Developers have therefore decided to try out funding through crowdfunding. The campaign ran through the Kickstarter portal,, and ranked among the most successful campaigns to support games.

The original goal of the authors was to earn £ 300,000. The goal set has been overcome several times in the campaign, and the authors have managed to collect £ 1,106,371 from over 35,000 contributors.

You can find more information about the game at its website:


During the crowdfunding campaign the authors reached the following goals:

Original goal was: 300,000 £
Final amount: 1,106,371 £ from 35.384 contributors (369 %)

Austria: Football is more than just a game

Let me introduce the “Gruabnfunding” to you! This crowdfunding campaign was named after the “Gruabn”, which has been an important and popular football pitch in styria since 1919. It is a place that made football-history, and that is especially important to the fans of the football club “SK Sturm”. SK Sturm celebrated many important victories there, and the fans associate the pitch with a lot of emotional games and stories. Those fans startet a crowdfunding campaign, when they heard that the “Gruabn”-grandstand was about to get removed because it was in danger of collapse. The loyal fans could not accept, that a part of football-history might be gone just like that, and decided to stand together to finance the renovation.

Loyal fans fight for football-history

In 2017 the “Gruabnfunding” was lauched on the platform 1000× and got a lot of support from many football fans from the very beginning. The initiators of the funding did everything they could to reach out to as many people as possible. Therefore they would even organise a “legendday”. On that day some of the fans got the chance to play football against the legendary SK Sturm team.

By the end of the campaign football fans invested more than 66.000 Euros, which was a lot more than the fundingminimum of 50.000. And what was even more special about the project – it really brought together all football fans, not only the fans of SK Sturm. Some of the investors said “I am not a SK Sturm fan, but when it comes to saving a historical pitch, all football fans have to stand together.” This is how a crowdfunding campaign shows, that football is much more than just a game – it is true passion that brings people together.

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Austria: Crowd creates “energyregion”

The future of energy has a lot of chances to take and challenges to handle. To create this future with the crowd, the austrian utility company “Energie AG” started an idea challenge. On the ideaplatform “Neurovation” they launched a challenge that gives everyone the opportunity to get involved with their own idea.

Using energy in a smart way

The focus of the challenge ist to create an “energyregion”. Those regions should be able to divide their energy in a smart way. To create a concept that works in the long run, the crowd should answer following 3 questions:

  • What would you like to do with the excess energy you generated? Would you like to share it? If yes, with whome?
  • What would a regional energy-platform look like? How could it support a sharing-system?
  • How can regional communities use their energy environmentally sustainable?

When the challenge is finished, the next step might be to start a crowdfunding campaign and create a real “energyregion”. This idea challenge or crowdsourcing is the perfect start, to get the crowds attention and a fan base for the following crowdfunding project.

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Austria: “Everyone can generate electricity!”

We want to introduce “simon” to you, Austrias first mini power station! In 2014 the austrian utility company “oekostrom AG” wanted to start a power revolution and create a photovoltaic system that everyone could use at their own homes. Their idea came up after the first phase of research, when they found out that the only systems available at that time were exclusively usable for experts. Within only a few months they came up with a whole new concept, that would allow everyone to produce electricity with their own mini power station, called “simon”.

Looking for crowd-power

After their concept was ready, the inventors new they needed advance bookings in order to set up the production structure for the power station. By starting a Crowdfunding campaign they were able to make sure enough people would be interested in their idea. That was the beginning of the Crowdfunding campaign “simon- The mini power station”, which was launched on the platform 1000×

“Simon”- the beginning of an electrifying campaign

In 2015 when “simon” was introduced to the crowd, they were absolutely supporting from the very first moment. They wohle concept was something many people had been waiting for: Genereting electricity by just putting “simon” up on your balcony. Of course the mini-power station could only create power in small amouts. More precisely, it would allow you to create elecricity for 35 cups of coffee, or two meals, every day. But that was not the convincing argument for most investors. “Simon” was the first high quality product of its kind. It was the very first austrian high quality and regional produced eye-catcher for your balcony, that would allow you to generate your own electricity.  People would appreciate simon as a useful accessory for their balcony that is also a symbol for caring about environmental issues, as it generates power with a photovoltaic system. That concept convinced almost 1000 People to buy their own “simon” and invest more than 650.000 Euros.

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Campaign “The Music-sheet-boat”

“Das Notenboot” (Music sheet boat)-
The book will contain all notes, including guitar chords, as well as additional teaching material, so that this book can be a truly musical adventure for kids and adults!

The publication of a story and song book, that’s the goal! An exciting narrative story with lovely illustrations and songs that go into the ear should make the book a favorite piece in the children’s bookshelf. It tells the story of the music sheet boat, which loses its crew (the notes, pauses and omens) in a storm and finds its friends in a big adventure. The book should also be an inspiration for teachers and educators.


More information about the campaign initiator:

Austria: Gastein round one – Non stop to the top

The Austrian mountain railway company “Gasteiner Bergbahnen” broke the crowdfunding record in Austria in 2017 and was just as successful with their new campaign in 2018, but let’s start at the beginning.

The “Gasteiner Bergbahnen” are about to create a whole new skiing experience in Gastein. Their slogan “Non stop to the top” expresses their focus on creating a comfortable and modern skiing experience for real skiing fans.

Part of the money needed for this project was generated by 3 crowdfunding campaigns, launched on 1000× It all started in 2016 with the campaign “Schlossalm neu”. Within 3 days the crowd invested 1.5 Million Euros, which was only the start of a very successful crowdfunding story.

Round two – There is more to come

In 2017 The company started their second round and people were just as passionate. Those people, most of them living in places near the skiing region, invested 1.6 Million again. Both campaigns raised more than 3 Million Euros together, which broke the Austrian crowdfunding record in 2017. By that time almost 800 passionate fans were involved.

Round three – It’s all about the fans

Even though the company raised this huge amount of money, that was never really the most important focus for them. They also saw a huge chance in getting connected with the skiing-fans, that would later visit their skiing region. Many investors got coupons for exactly that when they invested and will probably be the first ones that go “non stop to the top” when everything is finished.

In 2018 Gastein started their 3rd campaign. The fundingminimum was again reached within days and by now there are 125 investors on board. The campaign will finish in 60 days.

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