Crowd Dialog Europe 2018: These Future Trends Will Keep Us Busy

On October 18th 2018 Vienna became Europe’s Innovation-Hotspot. In partnership with the EU Commission and the Parliament of Austria, the City of Vienna invited European Business Transformation Experts from 32 different Nations to talk about the most important future trends we should know about.

Alternative Finance, Blockchain, Open Innovation & Co.: Trends We Should Know More About

The most exciting fact about the innovative Crowd Dialog: Experts from different countries, cultures and businesses get together and work on important future topics. That way many different aspects and perspectives can be revealed. This year the congress offered a diverese program. Besides international keynote speeches, the interactive workshops introduced the visitors to important future topics like Open Innovation, Initial Coin Offerings, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals.

Blockchain technology for example, opens up new tools of alternative financing, digital business models, and gives us the opportunity to raise the innovation-power of SMEs. This is why the European Commission will invest massively in blockchain technology in the following years.

After all these exciting insights, we are looking forward to the next European Crowd Dialog in 2019, that will take place in a different Euopean Country. Find out more about the event on and don’t forget to take a look at the highlights of the Crowd Dialog 2018 in the video below!

Eligo: Made in Italy meets Crowdfunding

Eligo Milano, the first platform of personal stylists and custom clothing professionals, has recently run its crowdfunding campaign on the Italian platform 200Crowd. Its objective was to raise € 80,000 to help the company consolidate the growth of the network and the expansion in foreign markets, particularly in the Emirates and Singapore. The campaign pledged more than € 160,000, attracting 74 investors.

The main goal of Eligo is to connect Made in Italy lovers with a network of tailor-made consultants, called “sartorialists”. Today, over 55 sartorialists are digitally connected through a dedicated platform. They are experienced professionals who take a new business opportunity without any investment or risk and have, at the same time, high commissions on sales. In addition, sartorialists have the possibility to attend a “tailor-made” Academy and to take advantage of innovative technological and marketing services.

The megatrends of the global market of personal luxury goods show that the export of Made in Italy clothing has grown by +40% in the last 3 years, for a total of $ 49 billion. There are over 400 million consumers of luxury goods in the world, a figure expected to grow for the next few years (450 million in 2025, as the result of further growth in the Asian market and an increase in the urban population on a global scale). Despite this growth, the number of Italian tailors and artisans has a negative trend. In addition, tailors living abroad are few, often with poor skills and face difficulties in being able to advise customers. As a consequence, there is still a large group of customers who can not access to an easy and fast tailoring service with expert advice.

Eligo was founded by three young people with a solid background in sales management, finance, marketing, communication and digital innovation. Eligo is also an innovative start-up associated with the London IStarter accelerator.

Poland: When woman grows up. Inspiring books.

“When I grow up, I become myself”

Agnieszka is in her 40s, she have a daughter and she used to work in a corporation, without leaving her comfort zone, until she was suddenly thrown out of it. It made her finally get to know herself, let her meet hidden secret desires and dreams. And then, the Ciuciubabka Cafe in Gdynia was opened. Ciuciubabka connects generations, is kids-friendly and thus allows a moment of respite for parents. And what next? Then “When I grow up, I become myself” was written. A book about her, about mothers, sisters, friends and each woman who should look deep inside to find themselves. The book is biographical but every woman can find some of her there, it’s very inspiring and very funny.

After friends and customers convinced her that this book should reach all interested, she decided to publish it. Currently, the campaign is ongoing to achieve this goal on the crowdfunding platform Polakpotrafi.

“Super Queensize”

Monika is a graduate of AWFiS in Gdańsk, a mature woman born in deep PRL, at the beginning of the 1970s, a holistic fitness trainer and mother of two adult sons. It took her a long time to transform her mind, that physical activity is needed mainly not to be slim and to please others. It is just to feel good with herself, have an interesting life and a healthy, functional body. Finally, to feel that she’s doing something just for her and that she can take care of her well-being by taking care of her body. So, she decided to write a book about it. There are no exercises for specific muscle parts, except exercises for these invisible muscles – mental. You will not find recipes for delicious and healthy meals, which are full everywhere. The “Super Queensize” is not another book about fitness, it’s about FIT-change, which she created based on her own experience.

The campaign is ongoing on the crowdfunding platform .


SLSP publishes about crowdfunding


SLSP (Slovenská sporiteľňa), a major Slovak bank and the member of the Erste Group has recently published an article about crowdfunding prepared in cooperation with Crow-Fund-Port project partner Creative Industry Forum.

The aim of the article is to offer introductory information about crowdfunding to new entrepreneurs looking for alternative ways to finance their business ideas.

The article covers the definition of crowdfunding, the models of crowdfunding, as well as a list of all crowdfunding platforms operating in Slovakia.

Austria: “9Weine” Advent calendar – The first Wine- and Treat Calendar

The Wineexperts of the innovative wineplatform “9Weine” choose the modern way to do a market test. They startet a crowdfunding campaign, to find out if the crowd liked the first wine- and treat calendar they created for Christmas Season. The calendar contains a special wine selection, as well as gourmet snacks and special goodies like platinum wine glasses.  To find out if this product ist something that people would really want, they created a prototype for their campaign, so that the crowd could form an opinion about it.

Crowdfunding: The modern market test

By starting a crowdfunding campaign, “9Weine” is able to test their product, but lower their risk. Before starting the production of the calendar, they can find out if the crowd even wants a product like this. And by creating a product that conatins a wide range of different goodies, they make sure different target groups could be interested in investing. For their crowdfunding campaign they created great texts and a pitch video, so that everyone understands what the product is about. Each investor can choose between different packages, and make sure they get exactly the calendar they want.

Click here to find out more about the campaign at 1000×! 

Crowdfunding, sport and social inclusion

The sports centre Polisportiva HSL (Hic Sunt Leones) has recently launched the crowdfunding project Sport Insieme (“Together in Sport”), which stands as a perfect example of crowdfunding joining up sport and social inclusion.
The sports centre operates in the urban and social context of the outskirts of the city of Bologna (Italy). Its main goal is to concretely intervene on the difficulty of young people to access sports, educational and recreational activities organised outside school hours. Thanks to the dedication and effort of many volunteers, HSL was able to create places of aggregation and cohesion in an urban setting crossed by profound social transformations.
The Polisportiva HSL launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance and then expand the youth sector of the sports centre, with particular reference to boxing courses, youth football and the creation of a brand new youth rugby sector. The campaign was successfully completed during the summer of 2018. It was aired on Produzioni dal Basso (Italian language) and pledged more than EUR 13,000, involving 148 supporters. The project was also able to receive additional financial support from Banca Etica, a well-known Italian bank very active in the field of socioeconomic initiatives and committed in sustainable social and human development.

Poland: The power of dreams – The crown of the earth.

Finishing the project in 2018, when she climbed Everest, Miłka Raulin became the youngest Polish woman with the Crown of the Earth!

In 2011, the crazy idea came to Her head. The originator and the first conqueror of the Crown of the Earth (seven peaks), was the American businessman Richard Bass. He finished his own project winning Mt Everest. However, Richard Bass’s success was undermined by the great climber Reinhold Messner. According to Messner, in order to fully realize the project of the crown of the earth, it is necessary to get the Carstensz Pyramid located in western Papua, which is the highest summit of Australia and Oceania, not just Australia (eight peaks). In the end, its nine peaks on seven continents :)

The idea, however wonderful it was also very expensive. Fortunately, Miłka is a very open person who can infect people with her enthusiasm and positive energy. She shared her dream with others and that’s how the project was made. She divided it into several stages (one summit at each time/year). Each of them was successfully supported by people who believed in her. The Everest was the last expedition and the cost was about 100000PLN (24000€). She found some major commercial sponsors, but the amount of 45000PLN (11000€) was earned because of her hard work to convince lots of people to support. That story confirms us in the belief that Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that allows you to implement even the craziest ideas :)

Miłka has finished the Challenge on May  2018. She has climbed each summit on her first attempt.

The list of summits:

Summit Elevation Continent Range Country
Mt. Everest 8850m Asia Himalaya Nepal, China 2018
Mt. Kosciuszko 2228m Australia Great Dividing Austalia 2017
Mt. Vinson 4892m Antarctica Ellsworth Mountains 2016
McKinley (Denali) 6194m North America Alaska Range USA 2015
Carstensz Pyramid 4884m Australia – New Guinea Pegunungan Maoke Indonesia 2014
Cerro Aconcagua 6962m South America Andes Argentina 2013
Elbrus 5642m Europe Caucasus Russia 2012
Kilimanjaro 5895m Africa Kilimanjaro Tanzania 2011


New Sails for La Grace

We already know that crowdfunding is a good way to finance your business plans, but is It suitable when it comes to a hobby non-profit idea? Yes of course it is. Today, we will present you one of such examples, a project, that used crowdfunding to get a funding for a realisation of a dream of a group of adventurers.

How it started

Nearly ten years ago, a group of adventurers decided, that they will build a replica of the very first Czech sailing ship from the second half of the 18th century. Yes, Czech Republic, although we do not have any sea, did have its own sailing ship and her own sea captain Augustin Herman.

Augustin Herman left Bohemia in the 16th century after the battle of White Mountain and first seated in Holland. In American territories, he was first mentioned in 1633 when he, on behalf of West India Company, negotiated with Indians about a purchase of land near today’s Philadelphia. He was a pioneer of tobacco trading which he imported across the ocean into Europe and acted as trader and privateer in the Caribbean.

His naval life was mainly connected with the boat „La Grace“. It was her who accompanied him around the islands of the Caribbean Sea and across the Atlantic Ocean. La Grace was the most famous privateer in the early days of America. Every year she sailed to the Caribbean and there, with governor’s approval, she attacked ships of the enemy. Her victory over the two Spanish barks loaded with ebony, tobacco and wine near the coast of Guatemala in May 1644 was the most famous one.

You don’t come across such stories about pirates every day in the Czech Republic and so a group of adventurers decided, that they will try to build a replica of a very first and probably also the last pirate ship with Czech roots.

Her construction is based on the plans which were published in Architectura navalis mercatoria from 1768 by a Sweedish admiral Fredrik Henrik Chapman. Although the replica is build based on original construction ways and even admiral Nelson will not recognize any historical inconsistency at first sight, inside she is equipped by all the modern electronics, safety systems and equipment which will allow her to sail safely and also provide the crew with comfortable environment for relaxation or training.


The ship was finished in 2010 in Egypt, in a country where they still use the original methods to build wooden ships. Since then La Grace serves as a school ship. Because the owners must earn money for the operation of the ship, they also offer the possibility to participate at La Grace voyages either as a guest or as a cadet that participate at the daily duties on the ship.

Need for new sails

During the time the captain of the ship and its crew also participated in many international races of Tall Ships. La Grace and her crew have won respect and appreciation from their rivals in this race already thanks to excellent results. Unfortunately, bad condition of the sails showing strong signs of fatigue after six years work made it impossible to participate in this race any more.

The owners did not have any more money to buy new sails and that was a time when they decided to use crowdfunding to buy new sails for La Grace and allow her to participate at a tall Ship Race 2017 on the Baltic Sea!

For the campaign, they used Czech crowdfunding server The original goal of the campaign was to get 36,000 EUR. The goal set has been overcome during the campaign, and the authors have managed to collect more than 37,978 EUR (105 %) from over 629 contributors.



You can find more information about the whole area at the website

During the crowdfunding campaign the authors reached the following goals:

Original goal was: 36,000 EUR
Final amount: 37,978 EUR from 629 contributors (105 %)

Austria: Crowdfunding Uwe Schiefer

Winemaker Uwe Schiefer is a pioneer in the wine industry. With the philosophy “less is more” he creates puristic and unique wine in the styrian region “Burgenland”, and created a unique brand. With this concept, Schiefer managed to revitalise the “Eisenberg”, which is one of the reasons it is now a much valued region. To expand his company, Schiefer decided to start a crowdfunding campaign, and get support form his regular customers as well as new fans.

Support for regional products

With his Crowdfunding campaign Uwe Schifer was able to convince many people to invest in his company. It did not take long until the fundigmaximum was reached – and there were some good reasons for that. Not ony wine friends who enjoy a good wine would invest, but also people who care about the region, and want to support regional products. Therefore each investor gets a high qualitiy wine package every year, from Schiefers unique assortment. That way, Schiefer could reach out to two different target groups, that made the campaign very successful.

Find out more about the campaign at 1000×!

ShapeMe: wellness on demand

ShapeMe is the first online service for the booking of professional massages for individuals and companies. It was born in Bologna (Italy) and it was the protagonist of a successful campaign on the Mamacrowd equity crowdfunding platform, collecting over 100 thousand euros.

Modern society is characterized by an increasingly sedentary lifestyle: on average, we spend more than 9 hours a day, while 7 spend them lying down sleeping. This has negative consequences both on our health and on our mood.

For these reasons, attention to psychophysical wellbeing and the wellness market are phenomena of rapid growth, especially in the most developed economies. The global wellness market is worth 3.71 trillion dollars, more than 3 times the pharmaceutical industry.

The means by which people seek wellness are no longer medicines but a healthy lifestyle, made of healthy nutrition and physical and mental training.

Within this market, the demand for professional massages covers an important slice and is worth $ 94B worldwide, $ 29.8B at the European level, and $ 2.8B at the Italian level.

ShapeMe’s service is already active in many Italian provinces and has a network of more than 320 certified and personally selected masseurs who, with only 4 hours’ notice, reach customers, where and when they want, with a cot and everything needed for massages.

Companies are offered the Corporate Wellness service that helps to improve the employees productivity, retain them, and increase the ability to attract talent.

Chair massages, indoor and outdoor training, but also Check-ups and Educational services.

Capital raising through equity crowdfunding has enabled and will enable the company to: expand the offer to individuals with home physiotherapy and osteopathy services; expand the coverage of b2c services; increase digital marketing investments for the acquisition of private and business customers; insert a figure dedicated to sales and marketing activities; participate in fairs and events dedicated to HR managers; continue the process of improving the platform’s performance and usability.