Interview with scientist Zuzana Košutzká from Neuroveda

Neuroveda is project created by 7 young scientists from Slovakia, studying emotions in patients with neurological disorders. The study focuses on patients with Parkinson’s disease and cervical dystonia, as the research could help them better their day-to-day functioning and communication, which could eventually lead to improvement of human relationships in general. You can find out more about their experience with crowdfunding in the interview with one of the members of the research team, Zuzana Košutzká.

Neuroveda’s crowdfunding campaign is running on Slovak crowdfunding platform Startlab with the support of Crowd-Fund-Port. However, the campaign still needs your pledge to reach 100%.


Neuroveda Team

CIF: For starters, tell us something about the team and your project.

ZK: We are a team neurologists and psychologists interested in neuroscience, i.e. the study of brain from different points of view. At the moment, we focus primarily on study of emotions with regard to neurological diseases. It’s this project, that we are trying to fund through crowdfunding.

CIF: How did you come up with the idea to try crowdfunding? Did you have any previous experience?

ZK: Crowdfunding has been on our radar for a longer period of time, we have noticed several successful and interesting campaigns. We did not have any direct experience with crowdfunding, our experience was mostly just through friends.

CIF: What sources of information did you use whilst preparing the crowdfunding campaign?

ZK: The most support has been provided directly by people from Startlab (Zuzana Zaťovič a Igor Polakovič), and then by Janica Lacová, our idea-maker.

CIF: Why did you choose reward-based crowdfunding and based on what did you create the rewards?

ZK: We are really grateful that people trust us and invest in us. Therefore, expressing our gratitude in form of rewards seems natural to us. We like things that are practical and imaginative.

CIF: Based on what did you choose your crowdfunding platform?

ZK: Friends have financed the publishing of a magazine for children through Startlab. Campaign was successful, cooperation was great, there was nothing left to think about.

CIF: Do you think that crowdfunding has the potential to be something else that an alternative form of funding?

ZK: Certainly. The aim of our project is to spread a message – particularly with regard to popularisation of science and informing of public about neurological diseases. The direct participation of people in financing provides a feedback by which we can find out to what extent are people interested in the topic of the research. Also, in science we direct our conduct according to ethics, therefore, transparency is important to us, and we see it as a major benefit of crowdfunding.

CIF: How long did it take you to prepare the CF campaign, and how much time do you spend on its maintenance?

ZK: We have been working on it more intensely for approximately two months. Crowdfunding is part of our everyday lives, we always think about how we can improve the campaign.

CIF: You have reached already 43% of your goal, however, you have still 26 days left. Is the campaign developing according to your expectations?

ZK: Yes, but things are maybe a bit more complicated because of the current social situation.

CIF: Do you think crowdfunding is an appropriate form of finance for projects from the sphere of science and research? Would you recommend it to other scientists?

ZK: We will be able to say this after we have finished the campaign.

CIF: Lastly, do you have any recommendations for crowdfunding beginners?

ZK: It was very helpful to thoroughly consult the idea with the Startlab team. Sticking to the specified deadlines. It is important to devote some time to management of the Facebook fan page and the related effective propagation of posts.



Interview with Marek Benda from Kannabi – milk alternative from canopy seeds

Kannabi is a Slovak start-up that offers a vegan milk alternative without additives, made primarily from canopy seeds, cashew nuts, vanilla, and coconut sugar. On top of great taste, Kannabi promises to boost your immune system, lower your cholesterol, as well as to beat those sugar cravings.

Kannabi was created by two young Slovaks, Marek Benda and Daniela Jánošová. Because they chose crowdfunding to fund their project, we decided to ask them couple of questions regarding their experience with creating crowdfunding campaign that is now live on crowdfunding platform HITHIT. We have already made our pledge, and now you can too.



CIF: For starters, tell us something about yourself and Kannabi.

MB: We are a start-up firm that brought Canopy Drink to the market. Our product is a plant-based, healthy, and tasty alternative to cow’s milk. I set up the firm together with my girlfriend who is vegan. I, on the other hand, am fascinated with canopy and the many ways it can be used. We combined our interest and created a product that was missing on Slovak market.

CIF: Do you have previous experience with food industry?

MB: We are newbies to food industry, we learn as we go.

CIF: Why did you pick crowdfunding? Where do you see the benefits?

MB: For us crowdfunding is the perfect way to acquire capital to get us started. Also, thanks to the campaign we can reach a wide audience and we do not have to deal with an investor. We are independent, and we do not have adjust the development of our company based on someone else’s preferences.

CIF: What resources did you use while preparing the crowdfunding campaign?

MB: I have visited some seminars, and I have read articles and guides for crowdfunding, but most of all, I have looked at successful crowdfunding campaigns. I was trying to figure out in what they differ from unsuccessful ones, and to find some inspiration.

CIF: Based on what did you choose your crowdfunding platform?

MB: In Slovakia and Czech Republic there are not that many to choose from. We picked the biggest one.

CIF: Are you planning to use crowdfunding for something else than funding?

MB: Of course, as I said, it is a good way of reaching people that could be interested in our product, be it the consumer or the stores that will sell the Conopy Drink.

CIF: How long did it take you to prepare the campaign and how much is taken up by the maintenance?

MB: It took approximately 20 days. If we were to do it again, I would double the time. Properly prepared campaign is fundamental, and now I see that our campaign has certain deficiencies that I have not noticed before, so now I would do it little bit differently.

CIF: Is the campaign developing according to your expectations?

MB: As the product is made from canopy seeds, it has a canopy leaf in the logo, so Facebook and Instagram have banned our ads because of absurd rules that hurt our product. Therefore, the campaign is not developing according to our expectations. However, we are not giving up and we are trying to come up with new ways of promoting our product without ads on Facebook and Insta. We sincerely hope that when the time runs out, we will have at least 100% J.

CIF: Lastly, do you have any recommendations for crowdfunding newbies?

MB: It is important to think everything through and not to rush things. Preparation is fundamental.  It is helpful to get in touch with portals that would be interested in writing about you beforehand. Also, it’s good to contact authors of similar successfully finished campaigns. These people have specific experiences and can offer advice that you won’t find in any guides. We have contacted an author of a very successful vegan project, and she gave as advice and contacts that could come in handy.


bitiago- physical crypto machines

I would like to introduce bitiago (, this campaign is matching the following topic of the current month “Tech and Gatgets”.
Crypto machines? Really? Yes!
bitiago offers an unique ecosystem around cryptocurrencies. From personal advice, through the purchase and sale of own exchange to physical crypto machines, The purpose is to create an holistic infrastructure for cryptocurrencies within german speaking area.

“Jo – Just open”- TITANIUM MICRO BOTLLE OPENER! -3rd Slovenian campaign on the Kickstarter

“Jo – Just open”- TITANIUM MICRO BOTLLE OPENER! Do you like simple, but quality and practical solutions ? Here are TOP 7 REASONS WHY “JO” IS PERFECT FOR YOU:

  1. Lightweight – titanium is lighter than steel
  2. Strong – titanium has a highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element.
  3. Durable – titanium is one of the most durable metals on the planet, which is why it’s used in aerospace and military
  4. Small – small as a coin, ideal for your key-chain
  5. Pocket friendly – perfect for everyday carry in your pocket
  6. Excellent corrosion resistance – titanium is more resistant than any other metal.
  7. Non-toxicity – titanium is used as a material for surgical implants and dental plates, attesting to the non-toxicity of titanium.

More about campaign:

Slovakia: “Gypsy” (“Cigánka” ) by Janette Motlová – a tale of two worlds within one country


Cigánka by Janette Motlová


Gypsy (Cigánka) by Janette Motlová is an autobiographical novel about life in two different worlds within Slovakia, one belonging to the whites and the other to Roma people.  The book was originally published in 2012, however, thanks to its big success and the potential to bring closer the two previously mentioned communities, the Socratic Institute decided to publish an updated edition, which continues to recount the personal story of Janette as it happened during the past 5 years.

When Janette started composing the novel, her goal was clear. The book was supposed to help the white people in Slovakia to understand how much influence they have over the lives of Roma people, as well as to make them realize that the manner in which they talk about Roma people in front of their children matters.


Gypsy is now being published by the Socratic institute, an educational programme for young people and future social leaders, which has launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to bring the novel into Slovak schools. The aim of the project is to encourage young people to think about the issues faced by different groups in their communities, and about what each of us can do to make the life in the community better.

The campaign with the funding goal of 5000 EUR is now live on crowdfunding platform Startlab, waiting for your support.

Slovakia: Lifereset – The Healthy House, Healthy People campaign

Lifereset – The Healthy House, Healthy People campaign

The Slovak crowdfunding platform, StartLab, is currently featuring a campaign that speaks to many young people and people who want to escape the rat race lifestyle of working hard to pay the bills at the expense of quality time with friends and family. People who would like to make a change and “reset” their lives.

With eight days to go, the Healthy House, Healthy People campaign needs to raise 2,259 Euro to finish shooting their documentary film to teach people how to build an ecological and healthy house for their family for 25,000 Euro. The documentary will also assist people in creating a bio garden based on the principles of permaculture design – connecting technology and common sense. (Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems)

The campaign has already raised 2,441 Euro from 95 supporters. Please check it out and support the campaign. For additional information, visit


Slovakia: BIVIO – centre for rehabilitation and education for people with mental disabilities


BIVIO is a unique Slovak project organised by ZPMP SR (Association for the Help of People with Mental Disabilities in the Slovak Republic) with the aim to link the provision of services to the public with the preparation of people with mental disabilities for employment.

The goal of the project is to build a centre that will provide people with mental disabilities with opportunities to undergo practical training and get a qualification in three main areas: the accommodation services, catering services, and laundry services.

In order to make BIVIO financially sustainable in the long-term, the centre will include a pension, a restaurant, and laundry service, all open to the public. This will allow the centre to accumulate the finances necessary to keep the training of people with mental disabilities free.

On top of the three commercial establishments, the premises will also include a centre for rehabilitation and education, where young people with mental disabilities will be prepared for professions such as assistant cook, maid, waiter, or laundry worker.



It goes without saying, that finding the space for the realisation of such ambitious project was not easy. The organisers eventually decided for the premises that were once occupied by a school in Bratislava’s neighbourhood of Rača. However, as a result of abandonment, the buildings fell into partial ruin and the reconstruction turned out to be costlier than what was originally expected.

Since their budget was limited, the organisers opted for reward-based crowdfunding in order to gain the required resources. The campaign was set up on Slovak platform Startlab, where it raised 6088 EUR out of desired 20, 000 EUR.

Considering that the campaign has used the Keep-it-All model, it can be considered a success, however, the campaign realisation has certainly confirmed, or at least shown, the capacity of Slovak crowdfunding.

There are two main reasons for the campaign’s inability to reach its goal. The first would be the campaign’s end date in the beginning of January when the activity of everyone is significantly lower than in the other months of the year. Second of all, the financial goal did not reflect the capacity of the chosen platform, especially with regard to projects with a social dimension. Even though the project has reached only 30% of its funding goal, the campaign has, without a doubt, helped to promote BIVIO and the message behind the project.

The time of the crowdfunding campaign has unfortunately run out, however, should you wish to support BIVIO, you can still do so by a donation via the project’s official website.


Slovakia: Improving Bratislava through Crowdfunding

CIF, as part of the Crowd Fund Port project, has recently supported two crowdfunding campaigns – both focused on improvements in the city of Bratislava.  What both campaigns have in common the fact that they were carried out using their own website, as well as an established crowdfunding platform to boost the effectiveness and support of the campaign.


Plan Bratislava

The first project, Plan Bratislava, was running on StartLab. About a year ago, over 50 professionals got together to form a working group with a goal to find solutions for a better Bratislava.  This group created a comprehensive guide to make this happen – Plan Bratislava, the wholistic vision of the capital city in 12 thematic chapters. People who support this campaign can become the book’s editors.

The target sum of this campaign was 10 000 € and  668 supporters raised 16 540 € to support it. Thanks to their support, the book can get into the hands of everyone who cares about Bratislava and its future.

To see the video for this campaign, click here.

SOS: Give so people don’t freeze

The second project is a campaign organized by Vagus, a Slovak civic association, with support from the  ĽudiaĽuďom platform and using the payment system The winter came early this year and seven homeless people died in the streets of Bratislava. Although Vagus saved ten other lives, the organization desperately needed financing to act quickly during the coldest months. Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign SOS: Give so people don’t freeze, they raised the target amount of 30 000 € within less than a week and the campaign is still going on and you can support if you click here. So far, it has raised 34,284€.

Both crowdfunding campaigns were successful and important for the CROWD FUND PORT project as one of its goals is to raise awareness of crowdfunding.

Generation 3.0 – campaign to revitalise education – first Slovak CF campaign supported by the Crowd-fund-port project


Generation 3.0. Pontis Foundation.

Generation 3.0 is a CF campaign that aims to revitalise education in Slovakia. It is also first Slovak CF campaign to be supported by the Crowd-Fund-Port project.

Generation 3.0 is looking for supporters on two portals, and

The goal of the project is to give visibility and support to innovative and creative educators, to build awareness of quality educational initiatives, to collect and to analyse best practices and create a process for improving the state of education on a national level.



GLOW BOW- FIRST GLOWING BOW TIE: 1st Slovenian CF campaign supported also by Crowd-fund-port project

First Slovenian CF campaign supported also by Crowd-fund-port project: »GLOW BOW- FIRST GLOWING BOW TIE« is looking for backers on KICKSTARTER platform!

Team of free young guys  are making  UNIQUE WOODEN MEN ACCESSORIES, under the brand MARTIN’O.  GLOW BOW is the fashion product  for men who like to be neat and classy during the day, men who are not afraid to stand out. Wooden bow tie combined with a fluorescent material is a perfect accessory that will get you noticed in any occasion.


If you like unique style and need to get ready for forthcoming end of the year celebrations, this is the accessory for you: