Sensoneo – Global Leader in Smart Waste Management

Sensoneo is a Slovak-based business offering solutions for smart waste management. Since its establishment in 2014, the tech company has become a global player with its solutions being currently deployed in 22 countries on 5 continents.

Because of increasing urbanisation, managing waste has become more complex and expensive than ever. However, cities and enterprises can now rely on Sensoneo to do all the hard work for them.  Thanks to the combination of ultrasonic Smart Sensors that monitor waste and a smart sophisticated software, Sensoneo helps cities and enterprises to make data-driven strategic decisions and to optimise the logistics of waste collection, allowing them to reduce waste collection costs and to improve the environment at the same time.


Specifically, Sensoneo allows its users to:

  • monitor how full are the bins
  • plan collection routes based on real-time data and demand
  • collect waste only when its necessary,: eliminating collection of half-empty and empty bins
  • save 30% of annual waste collection costs on average (for a city with 25 mil Euro waste budget, where 50% (12,5 Mio Euro) waste collection budget, the potential savings are about 3.75 Mio Euro p.a.
  • minimize the effect waste collection trucks have on traffic and air pollution

All Sensoneo hardware and software is developed by Sensoneo and manufactured in Slovakia  Furthermore, the system utilises all available Internet of Things networks (NB-lot , LoRaWAN, Sigfox), making Sensoneo the pioneer among the  ready-to-use solution providers for the largest network of IoT devices in NB-IoT, as well as a technology leader in the market with prestigious international partners such as as T-mobile USA, Huawei UAE, Nokia, Microsoft, Vodafone, Orange, and many others.

Sensoneo and Crowdfunding

Sensoneo is currently running its crowdfunding campaign on Slovak equity platform Crowdberry with funding goal of 1.2 mil EUR.  So far, the campaign has been a huge success, with 67 investors indicating the interest to invest 101% of required capital.

The funding will be used to:

  • Support the already ongoing international expansion, particularly the expansion of sales teams for foreign countries
  • Expand the technology team to establish active presence in American markets as per requirement of the us partners
  • Expand customer support
  • Expand the R&D team to maintain technology leadership position
  • Expand marketing and brand activities towards customers in North America, Middle East, and Europe

For more information please visit

The campaign has been supported by Crowd-fund-Port Interreg Central Europe.

»NOTICE ME: My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia«, new Slovenian campaign

»NOTICE ME: My 9-Year Struggle against Anorexia« is new, crowdfunding campaign from Slovenia. Campaign is raising funds for spreading awareness about eating disorders by publishing a book, from Slovenian author, Špela Kranjec, who beat the anorexia twice. The book is about her life, Špela describes, how she decided to turn her worst experience into something good. With publishing her own story, Špela hopes to  inspire  and maybe even save lives.


If you want to support Špela’s project, please go to:

Restoring global climate with Rain for Climate

Rain for Climate has just launched a new crowdfunding campaign  on Indiegogo to raise funds to help reduce extreme weather. Rain for Climate provides know-how on rainwater retention that returns water back to continents, mobilizing a stronger global movement towards sustainable life on our planet. The team met with Creative Industry Forum and Karsten Wenzlaff from IKOSOM to brainstorm the best ways to run this campaign in Bratislava after the CrowdFundPort meeting in April, 2018.

A lofty goal?

Maybe, the aims are ambitious, but movements take time and Rain for Climate has been working to counter desertification and the destabilization of Earth’s thermoregulation, for many years. The campaign is timely now that we see the impact of water mismanagement by people and the consequences of natural disasters all over the world.

Specifically, the campaign will digitize part of a catalog of rainwater retention measures with step-by-step instructions on how to retain rainwater to achieve zero rainwater runoff. The campaign also plans to create a global re-hydration portal to allow for world-wide collaboration and crowdsourcing in this area.


Nosha – environmentally conscious backpacks for adults and children alike

When the founders of Nosha first met in Bratislava’s Impact Hub, each of them was looking for something else. Ivana wanted to design an ergonomic school bag, Julo was looking for a way to create a biodegradable backpack, and Ivana was looking for a meaningful project. Eventually, the three partners unified their vision, and so Nosha was born.

Nosha for kids 

The aim of Nosha is to bring functional backpacks that are gentle to our spines, as well as to the environment.

As the market research revealed, it was virtually impossible to find school bags with appropriate weight for the tiny bodies of school children, so the first Noshas were dedicated to kids.

The only ecologic backpack

What makes Nosha bags special is that they are not only lightweight and ergonomic, but also totally plastic free.

The bags weight only 0,75 kg and they are composed of fully biodegradable materials, such as cotton,  wool, and wood.

Nosha goes big

 Because Nosha for kids was a huge success, the founders decided to create Nosha for adults. In order to do so, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform HitHit, where it will be waiting for your support for the next 21 days.


The campaign is supported by Crowd-Fund-Port Interreg Central Europe.



Two medical students from Slovenia (Eva & Jelena), colleagues at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, will soon graduate in general medical study.  In February 2019, they are planning a one month medical volunteer work in Uganda in the hospital Mukono Health Center IV, located in Mukono town. Mukono HCIV is a public health institution offering free medical care to everyone who needs it. Due to the growing number of patients,  hospital constantly lack medicines and basic medical devices, therefore they would like to help with their volunteer work and bring medical equipment that is most needed in the hospital.



If you would like to support their expedition, go to: and support their campaign

PlantRay- Slovenian crowdfunding campaign


This is the key question, taking care of  our plants. New Slovenian crowdfunding campaign is offering very simple solution –PlantRay. PlantRay is a smart watering reminder that measures the moisture of your plants. Its task is to warn you when to water the plants. So, no worries about your plants and about your ‘Green Future’:


New Slovenian Crowdfunding campaign: “Glowen-owen”

If you would  like to prepare your own, delicious PIZZA (or any other of your favourite food) , as it can be prepared in traditional stone oven,  then  ‘GLOWEN Oven- Wood & Gas Fired Oven’ is the product you are looking for. GLOWEN is a wood- and gas-fired stainless steel oven with characteristics of a traditional stone oven. It’s best features are: affordability,  efficiency, portability,  foldability, power. Check out more on:

Polish Traditional Songs

Traditional songs surprise with their timelessness, enjoying the growing interest in various corners of the globe. By entering this trend, the project goes back to Polish roots, promoting traditional songs in modernized arrangements and performing white-song workshops.

Polish folk

At the source of songs #2

Is’s a fresh look at the traditional Polish songs, singing workshops with the best specialists in Poland and incredible concerts in the heart of Gdansk. It is the second edition of the project which has placed in 2017. Five fantastic concerts performed last year by Percival, Żywiołak, Mosaik, Sutari, and Annutara. This year they want to invite Lautari and Jacek Hałas, Joanna Słowińska with the band, Same Suki, Orchestra of St. Nicholas, Ania Broda and Makaruk! Also, experts from various corners of the country will come to Gdańsk to lead workshops of traditional songs and singing “in an open voice” based on song material collected during years of field research in many regions of Poland.

This years edition needs support, the crowdfunding campaign implemented by Crowd-Fund-Port started 08.08.2018 and their goal is stretched from at least 7 800PLN to 38 500PLN (1 900 – 9200€ ). The number of concerts and workshops depends on which goal will be reached. Check the campaign page: U źródeł pieśni #2.

We hope that the campaign will be successful and the project will start in full splendor :).



Poland: Refreshment and Energy for the Summer


bottleKomponada is a natural and traditional Polish apple-flavored beverage called kompot. It’s created according to a grandma’s recipe passed down from several generations for over 100 years! It tastes best chilled.

Two students came up with an idea after visiting their grandma: “An important aspect of our compote is production without any artificial additives thanks to which Komponada is 100% natural. As every compote is sweetened, we decided to use Stewie to reduce the amount of sugar, which is why the composition contains only 3.8 percent sugar per 330 ml”.

The composition is not only a good taste and refreshment, it is also a journey back to memories from a grandmother’s dinner and carefree moments from childhood.

Komponada is already in distribution on Pomeranian district. The campaign supported by Crowd-Fund-Port starts in Autumn, and it aims to spread it further into Poland and release new flavors.

We’re hoping that they will succeed and spread all over the world and enable others to taste it :).


Poland: Fun without electicity

From the idea to the campaign.

Lots of young people are coming back to board games and the demand for them continues to grow. New items for children and youngsters are still popping on the market but there are very few such games for BIG fans! However, there are many ideas and with little help, they can succeed. At the moment two of them will start the crowdfunding campaign in November 2018 with the support of Crowd-Fund-Port.


A group of board game fans and a group of friends at the same time. “From Space” is the fulfillment of theirs innermost fantasies about the board games. They have been working on it since May 2017 but in February 2018 they got lucky. The substantive support in the construction of the campaign was offered to them and here it is! (

FROM SPACE” is a 45 min, tactical board game for 2-4 players, reminiscent of sci-fi movies from the 50s. It refers to the Roswell incident, on July 2, 1947, where the Yankee army shot down a UFO. Three superpowers clash over the shipwreck. Each of them wants to acquire cosmic technologies that will give them an advantage in the cold war and thus global domination. Meanwhile, aliens are trying to repair a broken spaceship and return home. Therefore the conflict has started. People have to cooperate to defeat the aliens. However, only one can win. Would others let it? Players have to decide…


Another interesting idea transformed into a long-term project since 2008! “POST FUTURE” is a very dynamic, tactical board game, in which you will fight for survival with other people who are marauding among the ruins of the old world. Players vie for domination by eliminating each others using a wide range of weaponry and throwing dice…But what exactly is Post Future? Are you strong enough to survive in the chaos of a new civilization?

For answers, you need to follow the fate of the project!