WakiVaky and Dorka Bags – giving waste a second chance

Thanks to the rise of fast fashion, the textile industry has become one of the biggest polluters of the environment responsible for approximately 20% of industrial water pollution. Today we are buying more clothes than ever before, but we rarely give these items a chance to wear out. As a result, tons of perfectly useful textiles end up in landfills every year.

Although fast fashion is still going strong, in the recent years we have seen the emergence of many new responsible brands like WakiVaky and Dorka Bags that are trying to address the growing environmental concerns associated with the fashion industry. 


Founded in 2014, WakiVaky is a Slovak brand with ecological, as well as social dimension. Inspired by the zero-waste movement, the aim of the company is to reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment by creatively repurposing used textiles and giving them a new life in the form of backpacks. In addition, as the production is not centralised, the brand creates job opportunities for people who are not able to work full time or cannot find suitable employment with fair wage in their home region. 


Because the popularity of WakiVaky is constantly growing, the company has decided that now would be a good time to introduce new products into the portfolio and to increase the amount of used textiles being repurposed. However, upcycling clothing and remaking it into new high-quality products is not as easy as it may seem and it requires significant investment into new technology. Consequently, in order to increase their social and environmental impact, WakiVaky has turned to crowdfunding. Their campaign is now live at crowdfunding platform Startlab, where it’s waiting for your support. 

Dorka Bags

Similarly to WakiVaky, Dorka bags is a socially and environmentally conscious project organised by Slovak non-profit organisation Úsmev ako dar. The idea behind initiative is to upcycle old advertisement banners and to create new bags, mobile phone cases, and other merchandise which can be sold and profits from which can be used to support families living below the poverty line.  In order to make this happen, the project organisers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to purchase industrial sewing machines and other equipment necessary for processing tough materials such as advertisement banners. The campaign is now running on platform HitHit offering large selection of creative rewards for those of you  who choose to support this amazing project. 

Dorka bags

Cubbit lets you access and share your data from anywhere in the world

Founded by 4 young students in Italy in 2016, Cubbit is the first distributed, peer-to-peer cloud that is free from monthly fees, expandable for free, and tamper proof thanks to its zero-knowledge cryptographic architecture. The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and it received a lot of awards for this kind of collaborative and distributed cloud storage platform with good encryption that also leverages artificial intelligence. Cubbit grants a unique set of features that go beyond the cloud, the hard drive, the NAS and anything in between. Cubbit lets you access and share your data from anywhere in the world, like every conventional cloud storage as Dropbox and ICloud, but unlike “the cloud”, it is not based on any centralized data center. Cubbit is a breakthrough: the privacy of personal storage and the comfort of the cloud, all wrapped into a smooth user experience. This is made possible by its revolutionary distributed architecture, the Cubbit Cell, a plug-and-cloud device. Files stored in Cubbit are encrypted with AES-256, fragmented in redundant chunks and safely spread over the network, so that even if your Cell goes offline for a blackout, your data is always safe, accessible anywhere, and invisible to anyone else. So Cubbit allows for an unprecedented set of advantages for users: no monthly fee, it is expandable up to 4TB just by plugging in any USB hard drive for free, it is zero-knowledge and end-to-end encrypted so that no one can access your data and it is 10x greener than conventional clouds based on data centers.
One of the founder, Alessandro Cillario, told that “Nowdays many of the services offered by conventional data centers don’t have respect for our privacy and they consume a lot of energy for their transfers. Whereas we distribute storage capacity so costs and pollution are reduced. Above all, safety is guaranteed ”. The reduction would be 87% of the carbon footprint for data storage and about 50% for energy consumption for their transfer. Connect Cubbit to your router and immediately get 1TB of cloud space (and more), completely protected, perfectly safe, accessible anywhere. Finally, due to its performing platform, Cubbit creates a distributed data center, which takes advantage for offering innovative Cloud Computing and Content Delivery services for companies and professionals.
In 2018, Cubbit partnered with the CERN and other 11 industrial/academic partners. It is also  supported by Techstars, the third most important startup accelerator in the world, and other global-class partners. It is funded by the European Commission along the H2020 framework programme.


“Cook Eat Slovenia” – A cookbook that brings traditional Slovenian recipes and family stories to your kitchens worldwide!

»Cook Eat Slovenia – A cookbook that brings traditional Slovenian recipes and family stories to your kitchens worldwide!  The author of the book is Špela Vodovc, who used to dream to present traditional Slovenian food to travellers through her cooking classes in Ljubljana, serving them an experience they would treasure for a lifetime. Over the years, she hosted hundreds of happy foodies from around the world who have attended her cooking classes  to learn how to prepare Slovenian food, for everyday or festive occasions. If you are a ‘foody’, cookbook »Cook Eat Slovenia«, will absolutely be a love at the first bite: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/344644959/cook-eat-slovenia-the-cookbook?ref=35fcbs&token=6350a77b

Community garden

Getting a nice and comfortable living is no longer a problem today. New flats and houses are growing fast in most cities and anyone who wants a new home has many options to choose from. The situation is however different when it comes to the possibility to have your own garden, where you can grow your own vegetables or flowers.

One of the trendy solutions that is commonly used in many large cities around the world are community gardens, that are based on the idea, that a group of people shares the same land to grow together their own vegetable, or flowers.

The possibility to establish a new community garden is mostly limited due to high price of land in the large cities and their surroundings. And the experience shows that crowdfunding is one of the possible solutions.

One of the examples of such a successful project is the project “Our garden – fence and water for a new community garden”. The project started as an idea of several people who decided to set up their own garden near the regional capital of South Bohemia – České Budějovice. They managed to get the land, but for the creation of the garden, it was necessary to fence the land, adjust it and get a source of water.

Source: http://www.hithit.com/

The project was successfully implemented, a fence and a small pond were built on the plot, serving as a water supply for watering, but also as a natural source of water for flowers, insects and dormant animals that live in the garden. The community garden has been operating for three years now. There are 17 small gardens on it, which serves as a garden for a group of 30 people.

Source: http://www.hithit.com/

To get the funding for the project, the authors used a crowdfunding campaign at the Czech portal HitHit.com.


The original goal of the campaign was to get 10,000 EUR. The goal set has been overcome during the campaign, and the authors have managed to collect 10,250 EUR (102 %) from over 178 contributors.


After 8 successful albums and more than 20 years of experience, the one of a kind PREßBURGER KLEZMER BAND has graced the world with another beautiful project named BALADEN.


PREßBURGER KLEZMER BAND is the first band that started playing klezmer, a genre of Jewish music, in Slovakia.  During their 25 years long career the band has played more than thousand concerts in Slovakia and another 20 countries. They have released 8 CD albums, and have been awarded the Radio_Head Award for best CD in category world&folk in 2012.


In 2014 the band has come across the works of Arie “Ben Erez” Abrahamson, who has lived in Bratislava before the Second World War. Abrahamson has devoted his life to transforimg the works of the best poets writing in Yiddish into music. The PREßBURGER instantly fell in love with Abrahamson’s compositions, so they immediately started preparing their own ballads. The band has been working tirelessly for three years, playing dozens of concerts, trying new things, and adjusting the repertoire, until in in 2018 they finally released their CD titled BALADEN.

The BALADEN CD was a  huge success, and as a result the band has decided that the selection of their most beautiful ballads will become their first LP. In order to bring this idea to life, PREßBURGER has launched a crowdfunding campaign on platform HitHit with financial goal of 2 500 EUR. The campaign is now live and waiting for your support!

RAVAGE – An Infernal Hannibal Anthology

RAVAGE – An Infernal Hannibal Anthology

Are you a fan of HANNIBAL and INFERNO? Through Crowdfunding-platform Kickstarter, you can reserve your copy of a new book with exciting fan art. It’s called the RAVAGE ANTHOLOGY and it is a collection of writing and art, based on Bryan Fuller’s darkly alluring TV-show Hannibal and the world-renowned cantos of Dante Alighieri’s INFERNO, with a foreword by Mark Benecke. Publisher Romina Nikolic explains what the project is about and how fan-art and Crowdfunding fit together:Crowd-Fund-Port: What is RAVAGE ANTHOLOGY?

Romina Nikolic: RAVAGE is a 400-page hardcover fanbook that features fiction and art by 116 contributors based on Bryan Fuller’s TV-show “Hannibal”.

Crowd-Fund-Port: Tell us more about the projects’ background, please.

Romina Nikolic: We picked up hints from the TV show (and the books by Thomas Harris) about a connection between Hannibal Lecter and Dante Alighieri’s “Inferno” and asked our contributors to further explore these references. The Inferno’s main theme – recognition and rejection of sins like lust, gluttony, heresy, violence, and so on – provides a perfect playground to artistically deal with a character like Hannibal Lecter aka refined gentleman and cannibalistic serial killer.Crowd-Fund-Port: Why did you choose Crowdfunding?

Romina Nikolic: For independent book projects like ours, there is not really a place or agency to apply for funds. Especially not for the amount we needed. However, a big community of fans is there and eager to support their artist and writer friends. So it was the obvious choice to directly ask our fellow “Hannibal” fans to help us fund our project.

Crowd-Fund-Port: You already reached your goal. How do you manage your campaign?

Romina Nikolic: The driving factor of our campaign is the communication with our community. We are on various Social Media platforms and we try to keep everyone informed and engaged by posting daily updates on Twitter, for example, or hosting little challenges, offering special limited rewards and so on. We tried to keep our Kickstarter very clean and simple by not offering too many different reward levels. But our backers have the opportunity to upgrade their bundles with more goodies by helping us reach all of our stretch goals. At the moment we already surpassed three stretch goals and there are some more to come  

Crowd-Fund-Port: Thank you very much and good luck with your campaign! 

Infinity PAD: Ultimate Posture Corrector: Slovenian crowdfunding campaign

Infinity PAD:Ultimate Posture Corrector – Welcome to a new age of sitting!

Many professions require more than 8 hours of sitting per day. That means sitting for more than 100,000 hours in one lifetime. Imagine how this can affect your body, especially if you’re sitting incorrectly…

The Infinity PAD is a seat enhancement that upgrades your existing chair into a posture corrector by introducing dynamic and ergonomic sitting positions. If you want to learn more, how to improve your sitting habits, check: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/slavcb/infinity-pad-ultimate-posture-corrector

‘STORYTELLER FOUNTAIN PEN’- Slovenian crowdfunding campaign

In the framework of our project CROWD-FUND-PORT, we are supporting ‘STORYTELLER FOUNTAIN PEN’. Do you know why handwriting is so important for individual’s development ?

Here are some key information:

»… handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain…«(Forbes)

“… handwriting activates a unique neural circuit …”(New York Times)

Find out more interesting facts on:


My cooking box – an Italian start up specialized in delivering cooking boxes

My Cooking Box is an Italian start – up specialized in delivering cooking boxes containing high quality ingredients already measured up to prepare home (or basically everywhere) Italian Gourmet recipes.

The idea is simple: the new- co selects and measure up top ingredients to prepare special recipes and deliver it to food lovers willing to cook the best Italian specialties for their guests.

The first crowd funding campaign was launched by the company founder (a 30- years old lady) 2 years ago with the aim of collecting 50.000 euro. At the end of the campaign the project collected 4 times more than expected with a total amount of 200.000 euro thus allowing its founder to create an ad- hoc e- commerce platform, to widen the offer with new cooking boxes and to enter both national, and international market.

The second crowd funding campaign was launched last summer on Mamacrowd, one of the main Italian equity crowd funding platforms. In one month 500.000 euro were collected. After only few hours from the campaign’s launch more than 100% of the goal was reached and it went over funded by around 253% 2 weeks before the end of the campaign. The investors decided to trust a project promoting the export of the best made in Italy cooking and food tradition and the opening of a store in Milan is foreseen in the months to come.

Cooking box represents one of the example of a growing industry based on equity crowd funding which has grown by 150% over the Italian territory in 2017., according to the latest report by Starteed, a crowd company developing solutions for crowd funders.



‘XAVIER’- A new, sustainable multi-functional wallet that moves with your active lifestyle

We are suppporting new Slovenian crowdfunding campaign, by two extreme sports enthusiasts,  also brothers Dominik & Rok, experienced in mechanical engineering, marketing, supply chains, organizational sciences.

They designed ‘XAVIER’- A new, sustainable multi-functional wallet that moves with your active lifestyle. Perfect for outdoor enthusiast that were always faced with the problem, where to put the wallet during outdoor activities. Xavier has eye-catching design, is made from sustainable material and can be  transformed to phone stand in a few seconds.

If you are interested in XAVIER, check more on: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hudwood/xavier-sustainable-sports-and-travel-wallet/