BySju: Hats are timeless as long as you let them be

About BySju

BySju is an independent London-based hat brand founded by young Slovak designer Zuzana „Sju“ Smatanová.

The story of BySju began in 2011 when Zuzana moved to London for university. As a parting gift, her grandfather presented her with a classic bowler hat made in 1920s in Moravia. Years later, when Zuzana was searching for a similar product but could not find one, BySju was born.


About the Hats

BySju represents a fusion contemporary luxury and streetwear inspired by modern youth culture.  However, what makes the hats truly unique is that they are all handmade in the same Moravian factory as the one given to Zuzana by her grandfather.


About the Campaign

With a dream to make wearing hats a lifestyle, in 2014 Zuzana took to Kickstarter to set up a crowdfunding campaign with financial goal of GBP 20 000.

The aim of the successfully completed campaign was to raise funds for production of a second collection.

The campaign stood out in that it featured promotional material created in collaboration with several London-based artists. But as Zuzana revealed in her interview with Forbes Slovakia, the cornerstone of her campaign’s success is the brand’s story and its authenticity reflected in the campaign.

BySju and Social Media

Zuzana also informed Forbes that while Facebook is the most helpful medium when it comes to sales, she considers Instagram to be the most important promotional channel. After all, it was via Instagram that BySju was discovered by the stylist of a well-known  musician Since then BySju has adorned the heads of many other celebrities, such as Paul McCartney, or the Backhams.


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