Is it possible to create tiles combining traditional quality and uniqueness of manual production as well as contemporary designs and shapes, and above all innovative production technology? The search for the answer to this question has become a passion. The knowledge, the exploration of the secrets of materials and technologies, experiments, and finally – specialization came to pass. The goal was not only to create a modern cement tile, but to create an ideal tile – MEWY.




Adam Ankiewicz is the creator, designer and producer of tiles. He manufactures all MEWY himself, in which he always puts all his heart and enthusiasm. Recently, for the needs of crowdfunding, the one-man WARSSAW manufactory was enlarged by two supporting friends – volunteers – Basia and Kuba. Together, they do everything to make the WARSSAWA workshop and MEWA tiles coming from it reach a wider audience.

By getting support from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, they were able to qualify for the largest fair for architects and designers in London – 100% Design. To take part in the fair, they needed additional funds!


They asked for help in fulfilling their great dream! Without crowd’s support, the Polish MEWA would not fly over the wide water of world design!

More about the project: https://polakpotrafi.pl/projekt/kafle-mewa-wspierajmy-polski-design



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