Florek’s world is a book that will allow the child to understand emotions better, find a part of himself by identifying with a hero and experience many adventures with him. Each chapter is a different adventure and emotion that has to be overcome. The book is addressed to children and parents. They will find there a set of practical tips on how to help their child to cope with the problem.
Florek’s world is not only a book for children, it is a book for the whole family. Interesting adventures, valuable hints and illustrations that can be colored, all this makes it a good reason to have. This book is intended for all those whowant to develop emotional intelligence in children.
Natalia and Kasia, author of the blog Above Everything.
They are friends and they have known each other for a long time. Every day they work with small children, and their work is a passion. What else should you know about them?
Apart from motherhood and work, they realize their dreams by running a blog where they share their knowledge and experience. They both have a similar view of the world, they can talk to each other for hours, and so they never end up with topics. That’s why writing a book together does not cause them any trouble and even adds wings;)
About Campaign
The project involved raising funds for the first 500 paper copies of the book:
-printing, including breaking
-correction and drafting
-rewards to you
-charges for a platform PolakPotrafi
The whole book submission project was organized by the author himself, without the agency of an external publishing house. They took care of the graphic design of the book, illustrations, line-up. This allowed them to significantly reduce costs, but above all to be 100% satisfied that the project is only their own.
The campaign was successful. They managed to raise 6266 from 6000 PLN thanks to 101 supporters.
CFP Project
As part of the Crowd-Fund-Port project, we will support two crowdfunding campaigns on the topic of books. One of them is Monika’s Dabkiewicz and her book: Super Queensize http://superqueensize.com/ and Dorota Sumiła’s book in which parents and teachers will find ideas for working with children (She will have a title soon): https://www.facebook.com/Kreatywnie-815005328564137/

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