“Dad, why are there so many ants in the forest?”
With an unique, educationally valuable and individual recreation offer of course developed by experts, the committed owners and operators of the family hotel ‘Hotel Christoph’ want to send their guests on exciting discovery tours through the Ellmau region and let small detectives explore nature with their parents.



The different activities are modular components that combine to create individual detective cases. The individual cases can be compiled in advance by the parents and booked on a special detective card, which the families receive on arrival at our hotel. The detective cards are equipped with a chip, on which points for solving tasks are credited at the different activity stations. If you have mastered all tasks and activities successfully, the detective case is solved. Incidentally, the name of the concept is our plush mascot, which has always welcomed guests in the entrance area of ​​our hotel.


Right after 20 days of having a crowdinvesting campaign, Hotel Christoph collected almost 100.000 Euro from the crowd. The project initiator are using a co-placement on two different platforms www.conda.at and we4tourism.at because of their cooperation.




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