Barefoot hemp sneakers

Barefoot is a modern style of footwear that returns to the roots of modern footwear. The idea of the project authors was to offer modern barefoot shoes, additionally made of materials friendly to nature. This idea stood at the origin of the idea of producing barefoot sneakers from hemp fibre.

Why hemp?

Hemp is one of the longest used technic crops. It requires 50% less water and 95% less agrochemicals to grow than cotton. For centuries it has been used to produce clothing, rope, oil, paper, food and many other products. In the fashion area, hemp brings the features that manufacturers have so far tried to replace with plastic fibres.

Cannabis is antibacterial, antiseptic, absorbs significantly more moisture than cotton, does not attract moths, absorbs UV radiation, has high fibre strength, so the products are durable and offer natural thermoregulation – warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Those were the main reasons, why the authors of the project decided to try to produce barefoot shoes made from hemp. But to do that, they needed financial support to buy the equipment and to start the production.


To get the financing, the project authors decided to use crowdfunding campaign. The team decided to use crowdfunding campaign at the Czech crowdfunding server

The original goal of the campaign was to get 18,893 EUR. The goal set has been overcome several times during the campaign, and the authors have managed to collect more than 152,792 EUR (808 %) from over 1,636 contributors, which made it the most successful business crowdfunding campaign ever in the Czech Republic.



You can find more information about the whole project including some videos at the website, or at the Instagram page

During the crowdfunding campaign the authors reached the following goals:


Original goal was: 18,893 EUR
Final amount: 152,792 EUR from 1,636 contributors (808 %)

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