Austria: “Young Region – Modern Regions Need Young Decisions”

When it comes to political decisions that influence a regions future, young people almost never get asked about their opinion, even though it will be the future they have to live in. That is why the austrian association “” decided to start an ideachallenge, that would finally give young people the chance to get involved when it comes to important decisions about a regions or citys future.

A Crowdsourcing For Austrias Youth

The ideachallenge should give creative people the chance to develop a concrete model, about how young people could become real policy makers. decided to start this challenge on the ideaplattform Following questions should be answered, to create a model that is acually realisable:

  • How should young people be asked about their opinion?
  • Should there be regular meetings? If yes, how often, and what exactly should happen there?
  • Could the decision be discussed online? How could an online-voting work?
  • What kind of models do you know that already work?

By answering those concrete questions people should get inspired to create a model that really gives young people a chance to make their opinion count. decided to initiate this crowdsourcing because they are sure young people can make good decisions and their ability to change this world for the better is highly underrrated. To change the fact that teengaers alomst never get to decide about their future, they reach out to the crowd, and want to collect all the oppotunities we have to get young people involved.

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