Austria: “Wimmer schneidert” combines traditional and modern fashion design

“Wimmer schneidert” is a traditional Family Business in its ninth generation. The company is located in Salzburg, Austria, and is an expert when it comes to clothes combining both, modern trends and austrian tradition. To create a store that suits this special high-quality clothes, they decided to start a crowdfunding campaing. The new store should be the perfect location to not only present the costumes, but also to create a special shopping experience and a comfortable atmosphere.

 The crowd is getting all dressed up

To convice people to invest in their project “Wimmer schneidert” offered interest and coupons for their shops. With this stategy they would not only get investments but also invite people to come to their shops and get their own bespoke costume with the coupons. On the spot they could promote the campaign and show people the high-quality fashion design. The offline and online promotion via newsletters and social media competitions had a postitive impact on the campaign.

Heading to the maximum

Only one day after the campaign startet “Wimmer schneidert” reached the fundingminimum. And the crowd was unstoppable. Briefly before the campaign would finish, the project reached the fundingmaximum. 111 People invested 350.000 Euros and “Wimmer schneidert” could almost immediatly implement their plans.

The successful campaign was a great boost for the Family business, and it might not be the only campaign for the traditional modern fashion design company.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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