Austria: Vulkanland goes Crowdsourcing

When it comes to travelling, we all could visit the same place, and yet everyone would have a different view and opinion about it afterwards. We all focus on different things, and what is important to me might be irrelevant for someone else. That is why we want to introduce a very interesting project to you, that uses the fact that we all have a different focus on things.

The crowd knows what’s special about “Vulkanland”

Vulkanland is a styrian region and an amalgamation of 33 communities. Because of this multitude of commuinities the region offers many different qualities. To find out what kind of qualities are highly esteemed, the region started a crowdsourcing. With the crowd they want to find out what people already appreciate about the place, and what is missing. The big goal is to take the region to the next level and make it even more interesting for tourists and citizens.

How to connect with the crowd

To reach this goal it was important to choose the right way to get in contact with the crowd. Therefore they chose the ideaplattform “”, which is the perfect tool for crowdsourcing. People can share their ideas, describe them with pictures and comment on other ideas. After this phase people can also vote for the ideas that they like the most. This is how it is possible to find out which ideas are really popular.

So far 31 ideas have been shared by the crowd, and the crowdsourcing is still not finished. If you have ever heard about “Vulkanland” and want to share your idea, just visit the ideaplattform(german)!



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