Austria: Trumer beer crowdfunding campaign benefits from Chistmas season

The Trumer brewery in Salzburg launched its campaign on the platform 1000× a few weeks ago. With the fundingminimum of 70.000 Euros they want to expand their stock of “innovationtanks”. The innovative company uses these small beertanks to experiment and create new special sorts of beer. When Christmas season startet, Trumer had already reached half of their investment goal. At that time people had to invest at least 700 Euros to become part of the project. In return Investors get diferent goodies, like coupons and the so called “hopsbox”, a box with different sorts of beer. 

New package for holiday season

As mentioned, Christmas was not in everybody’s mind yet when the campaing started and the first investments came in.  When december came along, Trumer decided to give the campaign a new boost.  They created the “Entance-package”. With this package you could join the campaign as an invstor by investing only 250 Euros. In return you would also get the hopsbox for 2 years, 4 times every year. The box was promoted as the perfect Christmas present for beer lovers. 

A few more steps to the goal

The crowd was quite enthusiastic about the new package. Now they could not only join the campaign at a much lower price level, you could also use this opportunity to give someone a really special present. A present they don’t enjoy once, but 8 times over the following 2 years. Trumer has not planned this development and Christmas season was not really planned to be a great marketing boost- but it turned out as the perfect chance for investors and Trumer.

The campaign is now heading to the goal- and can be joined on 1000× 

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