Austria: Football is more than just a game

Let me introduce the “Gruabnfunding” to you! This crowdfunding campaign was named after the “Gruabn”, which has been an important and popular football pitch in styria since 1919. It is a place that made football-history, and that is especially important to the fans of the football club “SK Sturm”. SK Sturm celebrated many important victories there, and the fans associate the pitch with a lot of emotional games and stories. Those fans startet a crowdfunding campaign, when they heard that the “Gruabn”-grandstand was about to get removed because it was in danger of collapse. The loyal fans could not accept, that a part of football-history might be gone just like that, and decided to stand together to finance the renovation.

Loyal fans fight for football-history

In 2017 the “Gruabnfunding” was lauched on the platform 1000× and got a lot of support from many football fans from the very beginning. The initiators of the funding did everything they could to reach out to as many people as possible. Therefore they would even organise a “legendday”. On that day some of the fans got the chance to play football against the legendary SK Sturm team.

By the end of the campaign football fans invested more than 66.000 Euros, which was a lot more than the fundingminimum of 50.000. And what was even more special about the project – it really brought together all football fans, not only the fans of SK Sturm. Some of the investors said “I am not a SK Sturm fan, but when it comes to saving a historical pitch, all football fans have to stand together.” This is how a crowdfunding campaign shows, that football is much more than just a game – it is true passion that brings people together.

Find out all about the campaign on 1000× 

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