Austria: Crowdfunding campaign “Rehara” stands for modern tourism

Ramsau am Dachstein, a small region in styria, is a tourist hotspot for people from all over the world who want to visit austria. With its beautiful mountains  it is not only a great destination in the winter for a skiing adventure. Ramsau is also a special place to visit in the summer, which makes it one of the leading tourism municipality in austria. Because of that, everything that makes a visit even more precious is extremely important for the region and its economic growth. To take care of this development, Ramsau chose to make the place even more attractive and modernize and expand the local public swimming pool. To make this change happen, they chose the modern way of financing.

Modern tourism concept meets modern way of financing

The project of modernizing the bath area has been something very important for many people living in Ramsau or a neighbour area for quite a while. It has been 20 years since the discussion started. Ramsau has been ready to create something modern and new for a long time, and finally the technical capabilities are also available. After all the new swimming pool should not only be a great experience, but also have an energy-efficient technology to take care of our environment. To make sure everyone who wants to support the region gets the chance to be involved in the project, they chose the modern way of fincancing and started a crowdfunding campaign.

How Ramsau reached the goal and went beyond it

A place that was built 40 years ago is a place that created many memories. It is a place that is important to many people for different reasons. After all 230 people wanted to be part of the change and supported the project. Some of them are enthusiastic swimmers, others could not restist investing in a project that takes care of the regions environment. The project reached its goal of 100.1000 euros within weeks and even went beyond it! After funding 150.000 euros there are sitll 22 days to go and the crowd is getting closer to the fundingmaximum!

The project was launched on 1000× For more information please follow this link.

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