Austria: Crowdfunding Uwe Schiefer

Winemaker Uwe Schiefer is a pioneer in the wine industry. With the philosophy “less is more” he creates puristic and unique wine in the styrian region “Burgenland”, and created a unique brand. With this concept, Schiefer managed to revitalise the “Eisenberg”, which is one of the reasons it is now a much valued region. To expand his company, Schiefer decided to start a crowdfunding campaign, and get support form his regular customers as well as new fans.

Support for regional products

With his Crowdfunding campaign Uwe Schifer was able to convince many people to invest in his company. It did not take long until the fundigmaximum was reached – and there were some good reasons for that. Not ony wine friends who enjoy a good wine would invest, but also people who care about the region, and want to support regional products. Therefore each investor gets a high qualitiy wine package every year, from Schiefers unique assortment. That way, Schiefer could reach out to two different target groups, that made the campaign very successful.

Find out more about the campaign at 1000×!

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