ASPIDA – A success story in technology and equity crowdfunding in Croatia

In 2017 Croatia witnessed a boom in equity crowdfunding with first equity crowdfunding platform, Funderbeam SEE, introduced to the market in cooperation with Zagreb Stock Exchange. Four equity crowdfunding campaigns in 2017 managed to raise a total of 15 million kuna (more than 2 million euros) for their projects on Funderbeam SEE platform. One of them was Aspida, a digital media start-up from Croatia that started its operations 1,5 years ago with around 15 employees and has in the meantime opened branches in Macedonia and United Kingdom.

Aspida developed Izzy, a uniquely designed keyboard application for faster, easier and fun way to write symbols and emoticons with one swipe. Izzy keyboard is enhanced with many features, including gesture recognition, animations, jukebox audio clips, audio stickers and video push notifications. More than mere functionality, the keyboard offers various branded design solutions – from football clubs to popular musicians and has been downloaded more than 200.000 times in a 12 months span in the limited region of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Another app developed by Aspida and Croatian Telekom is TVizzy, a video push-notification application which offers users real time videos with content preselected by end-user. TVizzy was launched end of May 2017 as beta version to cover the last round of Croatian football championship, enabling football fans not to miss a single goal thanks to its immediate video recording notifications.

After successfully passing the test in the Croatian and regional market, Aspida was in need of additional funding in order to spread to the bigger international markets and decided to turn to equity crowdfunding. The campaign was a great success – collecting 89% of their initial 100 000 euros goal in the first day of the campaign and stretching beyond to raise a total of 146 000 euros from 99 investors. With extra funds to reach their marketing and sales targets, Aspida is now on a mission to conquer the global market with their apps!


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