Among the most interesting “ones to watch” CF campaigns of 2018 we can find the one in support of Dynamo a machine invented and produced by the company Verde21, an innovative start up founded in 2013 to promote innovation and environmental sustainability.

Dynamo is a machine to produce and collect thermic energy from free renewables and one single of them can by itself meet the energetic needs of a more than 1000 m2 building. These free energy machines should substitute the old systems based on fossil resources and large energy distribution networks. The equity campaign to support Dynamo was concluded last January and collected 161% of the initial target.

This sum will help Verde 21 Founders to enhance the production of Dynamo and to produce them in large quantities thus opening up the international market.

Society                                Verde 21
Platform                             Starsup

Minimum goal                  € 140.000
Money collected               €225.600
Minimum investment     € 1.000
Deadline                             16-01-2018


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