Advices of crowdfunding for future designers

Who designs the products we use daily? What about those we will use in the next future? Is it possible to produce them by ourselves?

The meaning of being a designer has been slightly changing in the last years and it is consistently evolving towards a more flexible, open, and accessible connotation thanks to crowd funding platforms playing a significant role. The production of design items does not follow a linear path and this is why social media play a crucial role in uniting global communities and in questioning long standing productive and creative systems. According to a recent research by Federlegno, 70% of Italian internal design companies invest at least 2% of their turnover in research and development.

Is this enough? The internet and social media are dramatically changing market balances in the design field. This affects both the production systems and the results of a certain company. Currently there are not huge success stories in this crowdfunding for design products and Italian companies still seem skeptical in this sense.

Nevertheless certain products born on crowd funding platform represent concrete examples of global success. Its the case of “Moon” a lamp funded via Indiegogo platform that reached almost 750% of the original objective in two months. Another example is represented by “The Level” a mobile platform to train in the office that collected 8 times the sum requested to start the production.

Last but not least the “Taga Family Bike” financed via Kick Starter to produce a bike stroller that collected around 100.000 Dollars in few minutes and closed the campaign with a 2 billion and a half dollars.

All these products had some basic steps in common: a story to tell; a strong preparation for the launch of the campaign; a dedicated team and a strong community to rely on.

The Moon:

The Level:

The Family Bike:

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