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By Selina Willfort

Austria: Football is more than just a game

Let me introduce the “Gruabnfunding” to you! This crowdfunding campaign was named after the “Gruabn”, which has been an important...

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By Zuzana Grujbarova

Memonik – the board game that overcomes barriers

Memonik is a unique kind of board game that focuses on tactile memory. Consequently, it can be played by people with...

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By Zuzana Grujbarova

Čezeta – The reborn Czechoslovak symbol

The story of Čezeta goes back to the time of 1957 when the first iconic torpedo-shaped scooter was manufactured by...

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Who we are

We are an EU cohesion policy programme that encourages cooperation beyond borders. With a budget of 246m EUR we support public and private organisations to work together across central Europe. Jointly they improve their cities and regions in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

What we fund

We fund project ideas that go beyond borders to make central European cities and regions stronger and more competitive. We are looking for transnational project ideas related to urban and regional innovation, CO2 reduction, natural and cultural resources or transport. We are already funding 85 partnerships with a total of 160 million Euro ERDF.

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